812 employees separated from DHI in 2022 with a 9.85% attrition rate

The Druk Holdings and Investments (DHI) has lost 812 employees in total from January to December 2022 with an attrition rate of 9.85% which is even higher than the civil service attrition rate of 6.75%.

DHI has 8,246 employees in total in its 15 companies.

The highest attrition rate was from Thimphu Tech Park Limited with an attrition rate of 35.23% when 31 of the 88 employees had left.

This is followed by Construction Development Corporation Limited where 56 of the 346 employees left.

Next comes State Trading Corporation of Bhutan Limited where 26 of the 200 employees left.

Among the major DHI companies Bank of Bhutan suffered the highest attrition rate of 12.77% when 108 of the 846 employees left.

NRDCL saw 67 of its 530 employees leaving.

Another major DHI company to see a high attrition rate was BPC with 11.64% where 288 of the 2,474 employees left.

Dungsam Polymers Limited lost 11 of its 100 employees.

Bhutan Telecom lost 59 of its 629 employees with an attrition rate of 9.38%.

DHI head office itself lost 13 of its 146 employees with an attrition rate of 8.90%.

The dairy company Kofuku International Limited lost 2 of its 24 employees.

State Mining Corporation Limited lost 26 of its 351 employees.

Next is Druk Air at 6% attrition rate with 28 of its 467 employees leaving.

Dungsam Cement Corporation Limited lost 28 of its 504 employees with a 5.56% attrition rate.

Menjong Sorig Pharmaceuticals Corporation Limited lots only 3 of its 55 people team.

The lowest attrition rate is in Druk Green Power Corporation Limited with 4.44% where 66 of its 1,486 employees left.

DHI said that it found 217 of the former employees had left for Australia, 2 for the US, 2 for Canada and one for Kuwait. It is not clear how DHI calculated this part of the data.

Around 1,488 civil servants had resigned in 2022 compared to 892 in 2021.

The higher attrition rate from DHI than even the civil services comes as a surprise as DHI Companies employees are not only paid higher than civil servants, but also get annual two month bonuses if their companies meet targets.

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  1. There are many Bhutanese girls getting into prostitution in Australia now. Do some indepth investigation about it for your paper.

  2. Sonam Tshering

    9.85% of attrition rate is alarming in DHI companies. On other sides, there are lots of graduates looking to get employed under DHI companies. If DHI companies really want to bring new employees who have strong sense of dedications and relative commitment, I think they need to change their HR policy. Class x and class xii marks score doesn’t define the persons’ ability in job positions of bachelor degree . I hope “the bhutanese” will do research on why DHI are setting certain criteria in class x and xii marks score in announced vaccancy when numbers of youths who apply is getting reduce.

  3. This is a great article that highlights how DHI has been affected by the high attrition rate in 2022. It’s concerning to see that Bank of Bhutan had the highest attrition rate at 12.77%. I’m curious to know what the cause of this increase in resignations was?

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