842 COVID-19 cases reported in the country so far

A total of 381 cases has been detected since the outbreak in Thimphu. 95 of these cases have recovered. Furthermore, 26.5 percent of the cases detected so far are asymptomatic and the remaining 73.5 percent are symptomatic.

Over all the country has reported 842 cases so far. A total of 267 are active cases. 574 cases have recovered and one COVID-19 death has been recorded so far.

There are no positive cases in Phuentsholing, Mongar and Gelephu hospitals.

During the COVID-19 press brief, Health Minister Dasho Dechen Wangmo said during the first lockdown, only 66 Bhutanese tested positive unlike this time where there are 381 cases and all Bhutanese.

Most of the positive cases detected are from the quarantine. Minister said that it is important to know from where the positive cases are detected. If the positive cases are detected from the community then it indicates the situation is getting worst.

The health ministry has segregated, the old, people with comorbidities and children because they are at high risk. There are 26 people aged above 70 years, there are 45 children aged below 12 years and 16 are with comorbidities of which some are heart patients, diabetes, kidney patients and every day the health staff check on them.

Meanwhile, a total of 3,774 primary contacts have been traced so far, out of which 3,189 primary contacts have completed 21 days quarantine and so currently there are only 585 primary contacts left.

A total of 374,748 tests have been done.

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