85 cases of possession drug and tobacco possession cases registered in last three months in Thimphu

Thimphu police registered 85 cases of illegal possession of controlled substances and tobacco products in three months, August to October 2019. In connection to this, they have apprehended 165 people.

From the total arrest made, 158 are males while the rest 7 are females. In addition, of the total arrest, 138 are below the age of 24 years. Of the 85 registered cases, 16 cases are booked under illegal possession of controlled substances and tobacco and 69 cases are abusers.

Police forwarded all the abusers to BNCA for TAP, and for those who were arrested for illegal possession will be charge sheeted to court for conviction.

Police seized 9, 011 capsules of SP+, 320 tablets of N10, 225 grams of hashish, 123 grams of puriya, 9,970 sticks of Navy Cut (cigarette), 625 ml of thinner and 19 bottles of Corex cough syrup from the total arrests.

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