A Bhutanese arrested by police in Singapore

Lobzang Nima the Bhutanese national arrested in Singapore
Lobzang Nima the Bhutanese national arrested in Singapore

The Singapore police arrested and detained a Bhutanese citizen for suspected housebreakings at various eateries/restaurants in Singapore.

The suspect was arrested on 12 April.

Lobzang Nima, from Tseykakha village, Punakha, was a former student of Nima Higher Secondary School. He had left for Singapore in 2010 to apply for an Australia visa, which was denied to him. He then stayed on in Singapore and was working in restaurants.

The release date of his arrest is not known, and when contacted, the Cantonment Police Station in Singapore refused to comment on the issue.

Chencho Dema / Thimphu


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  1. What a shame! 

  2. Is a “international shame” he has brought to Bhutan but
    Is naming and put his photo up a good step?
    There are hundred other criminals who have done far bigger crime than him and yet remained unnamed. 

    Just wondering from a humane perspective but you guys are journalists you know best!

  3. Very bad

  4. instead of thanking to singapore for their help and support to bhutan government, if government people are doing like a animal character to singapore government i think they might not support to bhutan in future and we bhutanese are sorry for that the man has done to singapore government

  5. Media trial! Poor fellow. Has he been convicted already? Have our Govt. done something to bring him back and punish him accordingly?

    • I am sure our embassy in Bangkok is using diplomatic channels to resolve this case, if they have not done anything, don’t worry, this paper will tell us about it soon.

  6. He brought disgrace to Bhutan. Singapore has canning in addition to fine and imprisonment. he has to thoroughly canned.

    What can our country do. He has violated Singaporean law. In Singapore law is law. No excuse.

  7. So far our leaders have presented Bhutan so well to the outside world  that everyone loves our country and dreams of visiting. On the other hand, we have guy like this ruining n disgracing the image of our country. Loser…

  8. This is the Character of Bhutanese….. he is Dzokhar tsarnav in singapore for Bhutan…great job

  9. Haha, nothing to be ashamed about, it just shows that we Bhutanese are as normal as anyone else in the world.

  10. He is a stud.
    Someone finally at the international font.

    My teacher use to say, if u wanna commit a crime, commit something big and not cham-chims…

    So yeah notthing to be ashamed off

  11. that’s why I love Bhutan…..
    well done and wanna see in other foreign countries aswell..

  12. Welcome to the Land of Happiness !!!

  13. Hey guys we should not blame without knowing about him.May he got problem there. This is not big issue.He’s supposed to go Australia not in Singapore,may he unable to come back any causes.We should go Negative without knowing plz,

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