A Buddhist Film Festival, the first of its kind in Bhutan  

Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

Bhutan will host its first Buddhist film Festival this October with a selection of six films which includes the premiere of a film on Yangsi Rinpoche-Reincarnation is just the beginning- a 97 minutes story on Dilgo Khyentse’s reincarnation living in Bhutan that is just released worldwide.

Director Mark Elliott, who filmed Yangsi over a period of 14 years will present the film.

Movie goers and students of dharma will find the festival an offering of some thought-provoking films- from the courage of Nobel laureate, Aung San Suu Kyi who was influenced by a non-violent path in her political journey to the courage of a former addict who was transformed by his contact with meditation in California, in Dharma Punx.

Other notable films including Buddha’s Lost Children, an award winning documentary will be also screened at the festival along with a documentary on reincarnate teachers in Bhutan, Born Again Buddhists and one Bhutanese film Bardo- an intermediate spirit.


Dubbed films that bring forth courage, the first Buddhist Film Festival in Bhutan will take place on Friday the October 26 and Saturday, 27 October 2012 in Thimphu. Some of the films are expected to be screened on Bhutanese TV for viewers outside the capital.

The Director of the festival, Babeth M. Vanloo said, “Films are a significant way to express the vision and values of Buddhism in all its diversity with themes of personal transformation, forgiveness, belonging, community, generosity and integration on all levels of society be it medicine, education, art, and culture and the media”.

The Buddhist Film Festival Bhutan2012 is brought to viewers, Bhutanese media makers and an audience at large to promote cultural awareness and appreciation of Buddhist culture and values as depicted in films and the media.

The BFFB festival Director is head of a Buddhist Film Festival in Europe held annually in Amsterdam since 2006. Ms Vanloo is also co-founder of the First Buddhist TV station in the western world since 2000, showcasing secular application of Buddhist values.

This festival is being hosted in collaboration with the Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs, Motion Pictures Association of Bhutan, BBS, City Cinema, Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy and various media agencies.

The Fest starts on Friday 5pm and Saturday from 1pm.


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