A choeten built after the image of Tara vandalized

A Khangzang choeten believed to be more than 100 years old was vandalized last night. The choeten located in Charkilo, four kilometers  from Thimphu, was renovated just two weeks ago.

A  student of Khasadrapchu Middle secondary School saw the vandalized choeten early morning  yesterday while he was walking to school and he informed the shopkeeper who resides below the site.

The shopkeeper reported the case to the Chunzom police and then to the Thimphu police.

The Tshogpa of the village said that the Khang Zang choeten is one out of 21 choetens built after the  image of Tara and was believed to have been submerged in the area.

According to the officials who visited the site, the miscreant had emptied the relics from the same  spot on which an attempt to vandalize was made in 2005.

It is an important monument in the village existing since ancient times and no one in the area knows what relics it contained.

There are more than 30 similar choetens in the village and this is the first case reported this year.

However the case is still under investigation.

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