A competitive semi Finals

Hari Gurung and Sonam Jigmi in the semi finals
Hari Gurung and Sonam Jigmi in the semi finals

The Care 2013 Badminton Tournament started from the 4th of January and the semi finals were played yesterday at the Nazhoen Pelri.

The semi final between Hari Gurung and Sonam Jigmi was quite intriguing and a competitive match. It was a very good start from Sonam Jigmi and Hari picked up well after sometime. After Hari Gurung won the first set, Sonam picked up speed and won the second set. The third set got more captivating when there was very little difference in the score. Hari picked up lovely smashes from Sonam, but at the end Sonam dropped some upfront shuttle and lost the game.

“It was good to see young players playing well,” Sonam Jigmi said.

In the mixed doubles on Saturday, Subash Rai and Tensing Pelki played against Ujjwal and Tashi Lhamo. Both the teams were from Bhutan Power Corporation (BPC). It was an engaging match to watch going by the freeze-framed posture and the tense silence maintained by the spectators from BPC.

Subash Rai and partner won the first set. It was a close combat in the first round but the next round went to Ujjwal and Partner. The match engrossed everyone with rapt–attention and tension because both the teams were equally good.

Ujjwal and partner lead with a good score but the opponent won the third round.

The finals will start by 2:30 today. The Care 2013 is organized by Woezer associates in collaboration with Bhutan Olympic Committee (BOC).

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