A Comprehensive Travel Insurance Policy for Bhutanese pilgrims launched

The Royal Insurance Corporation of Bhutan Limited (RICBL) has launched a new insurance policy called Nyekor Nyensung for people travelling on pilgrimage.

Nyekor Nyensung is a comprehensive travel insurance policy for Bhutanese pilgrims travelling both within and outside the country. The insurance policy aims not only assure safe and sound pilgrimage but also pilgrims to ensure to accomplish one’s spiritual journey.

According to RICBL, “The insurance policy shall provide risk cover to the Bhutanese pilgrims during the pilgrimage within and outside the country and financial support to pilgrims and their dependents during adversities”.

Rabten Drakpa from RICBL said, “In the event of death (all kinds of death) of an insured person during the period of insurance, the company shall pay the full sum insured and a person can insure maximum of Nu 430,000. In the event of an accidental bodily injury caused by illness or accident occurred during the period of insurance which results in permanent disablement of any kind, the company shall pay the percentage payable of the sum insured as per the table of benefit”.

He also said the policy will safeguard interest of tour operators in the event of unforeseeable contingencies during pilgrimage. In the event, the insured person is required to be transported from distant pilgrimage sites to the nearest suitable medical facility during the period of insurance, where appropriate medical treatment can be received by the insured, the company will pay the expenses incurred on moving the person to such facility.

In the event of death arising out of an illness or injury during the period of insurance, the company shall pay the cost of transporting the mortal remains of the deceased back to his or her residence up to the maximum liability. It shall cover postmortem fees, mortuary charges, embalming fees and transportation costs. Also, if the person is found to be missing for seven or more consecutive days, the company shall pay the expenses incurred on search and rescue of missing person. The liability under this benefit is one time lump sum amount of Nu 30,000.

According to the policy, if any insured person suffers any illness or injury during the period of insurance and upon the written advice of a medical practitioner, the person should be admitted for minimum period of consecutive 24 hours and the company shall pay the expenses incurred for availing immediate medical treatment

“We are also actively involved in awareness programs with tour operators and ticketing agents in Phuentsholing to help them understand about our new policy,” said Rabten Drakpa.

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