A convocation scarf to boost significance of TVET graduates

At the first ever convocation for Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET) graduates, the vocational graduates were given the convocation scarf, a symbol of their convocation, much like the graduation gowns that university graduates wear.

The TVET graduates and all the members in the gathering wore the elegant blue scarf embedded with two logos which portrayed significance of the convocation and TVET graduates.

Department of Human Resources Official, Karma Lhazom said although in this 21st century there is only knowledge-based jobs but people are biased over blue and white collar jobs. She said this thought is already engrained in the minds of the people.

“Therefore the significance of having a blue color scarf is that the graduates are proud to have blue collar job,” she said. In addition the blue color stands for boldness.

She said that having a blue collar job they are independent and self-reliant.

Labor Minister Dorji Wangdi said they are the backbone of economic development of the nation.

The blue scarf was embedded with a thumbs-up logo and a wheel with the words ‘Get skilled. Be somebody!’ transcribed with a shimmering golden color.

The golden color symbolized the richness of the TVET graduates, the skilled workers which is one of the active factors of production.

“Land, capital and technology are the passive factors of production. Only with labor or human resources factors the three factors will be workable,” said the labor minister.

The significance of the ‘Thumbs Up’ is to say that those that have received the scarf are competent in the skills that they have obtained.

It also depicts that their choosing a TVET career and thereby contribution to socio-economic development of the nation is recognized and appreciated.

The wheel symbolizes that the graduates, the institution and the department are gearing towards success of TVET, its graduates and also of its nation.

The success is grounded through the practice and communications to the five core values of commitment to quality, life-long learning, enterprise, dignity of labor and integrity.

The convocation was mainly held to promote the image of TVET and the importance of skills for economic and social development of an individual and the nation at large.

Another objective of the convocation was to ingrain a sense of pride and achievement of being vocational graduates and as a productive member of skilled workforce in the country.









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