A dog lover and her 35 dogs

They say it’s ‘more the merrier’ when one’s heart and soul deeply gels with the work at hand.

This has proved most true in the case of a dog lover who has collected 35 dogs which includes hybrid dogs like Dalmatians, as well as stray dogs.

The 49-year-old woman owned five dogs in 2005 and the number has just multiplied yearly to reach the current total.

A housewife and a single mother with two children, she owns a building which is given for rent.

In addition to that her son-in-law is also a Veterinary doctor which is a plus point for her. Whenever the dogs fall sick she consults him and get the dogs treated.

She has sterilized all the dogs and vaccinated them and she does it on a yearly basis.

Her love for the canines are not one sided, in fact, it’s multiplied times 35 right back at her. ‘Boo Boo’ is the oldest among her pets and the most loyal. The 12 year old pet follows her wherever she goes.

Her recent addition to the pack is the cutest and the youngest of all the dogs. She has named her ‘Kuchu Pem’. She explains with laughter the reason behind the name was because of her protruding forehead.

‘Kado’, a mixed breed dog is the bully in the pack given its huge size.

“He is also very possessive, because he barks loudly when I spend time with other dogs,” said the dog lover.

Unlike other pet owners, this canine-buff keeps her dogs free of chains to roam around.

“I don’ like to tie them up. I get hurt when I see them tied. Dogs that are kept tied tend to bite others when freed, she added.

When you own 35 dogs, space management will become highly crucial, but this lady has tackled it in her own style.

Five of the dogs are kept at her place while rest are kept around the compound.

People are seen asking her for the dogs but she doesn’t give them away. She said she had a bad experience with the one that she gave away.

Nado the dog she gave away was a paralyzed dog when returned to her.

Besides the washing ritual that proves a handful (but delightful) for the pet owner, she is constantly indulged in quarrels with passersby and her neighbors at times.

She questions why people have to beat the dogs without any reason. For just a bark, they beat them or throw stones at them. “I feel the pain when I see this happening,” she said in a sad tone.

Most of the people out here are religious, pious in their talks and beliefs, and yet they wield a stick to hit the dogs while they chant the Bodhisattva’s name on their lips with their rosary beads.

“It is such a hypocritical behavior and does not suit their demeanor and their supposed personality as compassionate Buddhists,” she said “It is useless chanting if they have

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