A fiery Lhuentse General Election debate

Lobzang Dorji and Karma Rangdol
Lobzang Dorji and Karma Rangdol

Youth unemployment, development of Lhuentse through construction of roads and black topping, bridges, and BHUs made it on the long list of issues discussed and pledged upon by respective candidates of the Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) from the Gangzur-Minjay constituency during the public debates on June 16.

The DPT candidate from the constituency, Karma Rangdol is the former National Assembly MP from Lhuentse, and PDP’s candidate Lobzang Dorji has worked as PDP youth wing coordinator and has a bachelor degree from Sherubtse College.

“That there are three main agenda, country, dzongkhag and gewog level development, as DPT’s motto is ‘equity and justice’ all the 205 gewogs and 20 dzongkhags will be provided equal development opportunity,” DPT’s Karma Rangdol said

“If DPT comes to power then there will be an increase in salary of government servants, it will appoint one deputy minister in the labour ministry (MoLHR) to solve the issues of youth unemployment and development of private sector, which leads to economic development,” he added.

The DPT candidate also highlighted DPT’s vision to make the country self reliant by 2020 while he also talked about the 10,000 megawatt power project that will generate electricity for the entire country.

He said his main concern is to provide infrastructure development in Lhuentse as it is one of the most remote dzongkhags in the country. He said DPT plans to construct bridges and a grade II Basic Health Unit (BHU), renovate lhakhangs, construct roads, and hydropower development for the dzongkhag, and black-topping of roads connecting the gewogs.

Karma Rangdol, in his speech, briefly touched on the political scenario of 2008 in comparison to that of 2013.

He expressed concerns that people were not aware that there were problem between families, spouses and neighbors in 2008, but in the primary round of elections, this year, the problem was about regionalism and division of country into east and west.

He asked the people to vote for the candidate who is better and willing to help the people.

The PDP candidate for the constituency, Lobzang Dorji said working as a PDP youth wing coordinator gave him an insight into where the problems are and how to help.

“I have participated in politics even before joining politics. I was working as a PDP youth wing coordinator. I have seen many issues related to youth unemployment. As the government has not fulfilled the wishes of the youth, so in order to fulfill the dream I have participated in it,” said the PDP candidate.

He talked about PDP’s vision of ‘Wangtse Chhirpel’ which means empowering people for liberty, equality, and prosperity by devolving power and authority from the centre to the people.

He said, if PDP comes to power then, all 205 gewog roads will be blacktopped, loans will be reopened, one power tiller will be provided in every chiwogs.

Other pledges made by the PDP candidate included SMS banking, making kerosene and diesel available to the people, every dzongkhags town to have a thrompon each, an excavator in each of the dzongkhags, three doctors in every hospital and one specialist each, two helicopters for emergency relief work, tax benefits for small private companies, access to health and education for all the people, and freedom for private sector development, and no preliminary examination for graduates.

“Vote for the right candidate, it is your freedom, we have nothing to say on it,” Lobzang Dorji said.

Tshering Dorji  / Thimphu

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  1. Two bullshits of Lobsang. All he can do is talk. First doing away with PE in RCSC as if government can control the RCSC. Now opening the loan as if Government controls the centre bank. Dzongkhag town will have Thrompon each as if Bhutan has money and population enough to have thrompon in every district.
    Three doctors in each hospital forgetting that training a doctor takes atleast five years. SMS banking already there.

    Please attune yourself with laws and workings of the land before going on promising the sky..

  2. Creating a post for deputy minister in MoLHR by the concerned party, is it really going to solve the problem of unemployment, or they are simply creating a post for additional budget to the government.

  3. I am not pro-pdp or pro-dpt. But want to ask a simple question. Dpt supportes always say pdp plans are unrealistic. It is meant to woo voters.
    On the other hand is dpt’s plan of creating 7 Deputy Ministers realistic. I don’t think. It is just to woo voters. Of course it will create 7 jobs for DMs and several jobs for other support and technical staff. Is it really necessary. Let us not think just to defeat Pdp. Think of conuntry economy also.

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