A Former Drangpon heeds to the call of ‘freedom, justice and solidarity’

Jigme Zangpo
Jigme Zangpo

Putting aside personal comfort and to participate in the nation’s call- former Drangpon Jigme Zangpo joined Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) for its principle, ‘freedom, justice and solidarity’.

After 40 years in service, Jigme Zangpo, 63 went back to his village to help his community and his aged parents when people insisted that politics was his next calling.

“I have put national interest above all and decided to join one aspiring political party and it happened to be DNT as it best fits my ideologies, the core essence of the party is Nyamrup and principle ‘freedom, justice and solidarity’. In DNT’s ideology it encompasses the entire democratic scenario” said Interim President of DNT, Jigme Zangpo.

He added that DNT has a group of founding members who are all passionate and dedicated for building a strong nation.

He called the founding members of DNT as ‘a group of people with diverse backgrounds who are all dynamic, qualified, experienced and intelligent candidates who can really give the nation an ‘alternative’ in 2013 elections.

The offer is the ‘seven-point contract’ (the DNT manifesto) to the people, Jigme Zangpo highlighted.

He said that to make democracy work, the local government should be empowered. “DYT and GYT act is there but it is not fully implemented,” Jigme Zangpo said. “DNT will enhance or build the LG.”

Another offer on the card is – ‘Tax Bracket’ in its seven-point contract.

“We will optimize taxation policy to keep up with changing times. For example, we will lift up lower PIT bracket to support the middle class and increase income tax rate for the top of the economic pyramid,” said Jigme Zangpo.

At 21, Jigme Zangpo entered the noble profession of teaching in the late 60’s. Before joining politics, he was a farmer in Masangdaza village in Mongar till 2012.

As hardworking as his folks back in village say of him, he rose to several important jobs as a civil servant- from Headmaster to school Inspector, Education Officer to Director, and Dzongda to Secretary General for National Assembly and finally resigned as Drangpon in High Court.

If the DNT gets registered with the Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB), Jigme Zangpo will contest from Mongar constituency.

“I hope one  knows the best for democracy,” said Jigme Zangpo.


Puran Gurung  / Thimphu



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  1. Now with your entry into Nyamrup every party except two are filled with corrupted lots.
    What would you love to jaggarnaut into the beautiful and serene minds of Bhutanese as different from Druk Phuensum Tshogpa?
    Will you have the courage to write your party’s name in Lhotsham and Sharchop and have Devnagari and Lentsa/lenza script around your party symbol? If not, why do you rush into politics with no sensible efforts for social change and upliftment?
    If i know the history, someone
    forcefully kicked from office on account of innumerable corruptions, one of which is allocation contract for construction of Supreme court, is leading other corrupts, some mentally paralyzed other hypnotyzed and brainwahed to bulk of money that comes for yawning in the parlaiment. Mercy be on you. will people vote for an corrupt?
    We are working to have corruption-free politics and the foremost corrupt come ahead saying ‘seven-point contract’ and distributing mineral wealth.
    Which policies would you implement to solve our social issues like statelessness and economic inequality? Does raising PIT ceiling benifit nation or you? Ofcourse you get vote.
    Will land tax be revised? It is a major source of national income. When will land issues be solved, do you atleast know what types of land issues exist and which among them are tailored and impossed?
    Will marriage Act be ammended?

    Another bunch of fools would, just like current parlaimentrains bring Alcohol Act, Meat Act and and Lunar Calender Act. What will happen to Right to Information Act if you win?
    I am not against your party, but by blood and bones donot tolerate oppression, suppression and corruption.
    What will happen to tourism in other parts of our nation if you come to power? What incentives are you giving to graduate farmers? How will you create Bhutanese middle class? plumber, masons, electrician and wielders are wanting.
    To lead a nation is something more than mere begging for votes, how will you manage funds for running a nation? How are you working to reduce external debts?
    What have you got at the back of you head to use to ease rupee crisis and to boost bhutanese economy?
    Your mineral Act is reflective of your intent to exploit natural resources for that.

    Serious consideration- now that you are already into politics, be cautious and prepared to face and clear all conspiracies comming your way, neatly woven to shock the entire nation by someone very prominent today in the government. Dont recall the history, be an archetect of your future. Responsibility will rest on who wants to take risk, not on who want to take rest. All the best with your career, and ours too.
    Glory to Bhutan, Glory to mankind.

  2. every Politicians should read what Well wisher has mentioned ….. i liked ua article man!

  3. Is he Bhutan’s to-be-PM?

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