A glimpse into BKP’s ‘People First’ manifesto

The Bhutan Kuen-Nyam Party (BKP) will put people first and politics second. People from the BKP camp said that it is the hallmark of its manifesto to take the nation and its people forward.

BKP unlike the ruling party and incumbent government’s ‘Gross National Happiness’ will take an approach, of people empowerment.

BKP also believes in eradicating poverty and improving health and lifestyle of people and pursuing sustainable goals and holistic development of Bhutanese people. It is also their interest not only to serve sentient beings but also the environs they live in.

“Under Equal Opportunity Program (EOP) of the party, BKP will ensure that each and everyone will have the same and equal chance to prosper and seize a brighter future,” said BKP President, Sonam Tobgay.

The party if it comes to power would seek to reform public institutions and empower citizens with skills to reach better places in life and while the means may change, BKP’s purpose is to serve the country, king and the people’- a strong teeth of BKP’s EOP.

“BKP will respond to bigger challenges through collective action and collective responsibility. We believe that Bhutanese prosperity must rest upon the broad shoulders of the rising middle class. We know that Bhutanese economy thrives when every person thrives in his or her work,” said the BKP President. He further added that ‘now more than ever, we must do these things together as one nation and one people, so putting people first is our top agenda’.

Meanwhile, due to the downturn of the country’s economy and the constant inflation, BKP says the party will ensure that private investments generate maximum benefits for local economies and that social and environmental safeguards are in place to minimize potentially negative impacts on local communities.

The party’s plans will be emphasized to create sustainable jobs and incomes, transfer of skills and technology and create mutually beneficial linkages with the domestic business sector and the farming community.

“Jobs and more jobs is a serious priority for the party,” said Sonam Tobgay.

The BKP believes that every citizen deserves an equal measure of socio-economic security and dignity. We have respect for what has been achieved and accomplished in the past by our pioneers and now would like to build a brighter and bigger future. Our obligations are not just to ourselves but also to all posterity. We will respond to the current balance of payment deficits at an appropriate time and BKP will lead to maintain our economic vitality’.

BKP would ensure incentives for civil servants, remove moral hazards, alleviate the suffering of youths and reduce obstacles to develop the private sector.

“Seniors citizens of the country have served the monarchs and the nation by pioneering in many development activities in the past- BKP endeavors to build on them here on. The need to develop the right human resources to get the right economic policies in place and empowering local governments is a top priority for BKP- we will build on them. Removing straitjacket of rules for human resource and empowering local government is top priority for BKP,” said the President, Sonam Tobgay. He also added that ‘BKP will reduce obstacles to develop the private sector as the engine of our economy’.

On developing professional nationals that really understands the economy of the country, the BKP president highlighted that a leader who is ‘charismatic, popular and superficial’ is not really the true option, BKP believes in a leader that knows the matter and content well.

“Honing good old ideas and policies, and exploring and adopting strategies and tools to translate development into reality is another belief and value of BKP,” said the president, Sonam Tobgay.

In a press conference, the BKP President highlighted democratic leadership, collective empowerment and knowledge, respecting seniors and elders as cultural heritage, offering equal rights in everything and fueling up individual responsibility and mutual responsibility.

These are the things that make up for BKP’s beliefs and values.

Puran Gurung / Thimphu

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