A good Tendrel in a Golden Age

The Chipta of Genyen Jagpa Milan a white horse from the time of Ling Gesar was at the Changlimithang attending the Chipdrel ceremony on 11th of November 2015, for nationwide celebrations of the sixtieth birth Anniversary of His Majesty The Fourth King. His Majesty The King announced to the nation that Her Majesty The Gyaltsuen was carrying a Royal baby. The white horse raised its fore legs and neighed.  His Majesty continued with the pronouncement that The Prince will be born to Their Majesties and he would consider him to be “The Son of Every Bhutanese”. The horse repeated the gracious act again.  It was a taktshen or sign of good Tendrel.

One fine morning a few days ago, as we drove by the Lingkhana Gate, I could see three monks with a senior monk in between them leaving the Palace and passing by the Chhorten.  My colleague remarked that that he heard that The Gyalsay was born last night. Though the information was found out later to be the incorrect, it gave us a sense of immense happiness to see the pleasant sight on a bright sunny morning. The immaculate Chorten was circled by three monks in maroon namza in after which they headed towards a white vehicle waiting by for them.

On the early morning of the 6th February 2016, we were woken up by the buzzing of my phone. It went off before I could press the ‘answer’. So I called the caller, my friend, to be greeted with incredible words of Trashi Deleg. I responded with a “Thank you!” as I presumed my friend was greeting me for Losar.

Trying to really understand the reason as to why he was greeting me a few days in advance? I called him again. He then informed me of the auspicious news which the entire Nation was anxiously awaiting for some time that “Her Majesty The Gyaltsuen delivered The Gyalsey a few minutes before midnight yesterday.” It was the Fifth of February 2016. That was greatest news of the year and a historic moment for us all. I said in excitement “The greatest Losar Gift for the People of Bhutan from Their Majesties. The Kingdom of Bhutan welcomes the arrival of The Gyalsey!”

The Kingdom of Bhutan has travelled a long way. From being a largely rustic country, Bhutan has transformed itself into one with technological sophistication. From a time, when a letters could be read or written by a few, to a stage when everyone in four corners of the country interact every moment with one another through sophisticated digital smart phones. Living standards have reached such a level that a big national concern is about lifestyle diseases due to with physical comforts and less hardship and better choices of consumer products, both homegrown and imported.

Retiring from service at the age of sixty is found to be too early for many as better nutrition and free medical services have improved the quality of life and longevity. More people live beyond their eighties with a good quality of life and a fewer number of children die these days.

Better communication has reduced distances, causing geographical barriers to disappear, to the extent that names of places have vanished. Cultural and language diversity are becoming more homogenous with the emerging need to revive them for the sake of rescuing and preserving the diversity which is so essential.

More Bhutanese travel abroad and outside Bhutan for work, leisure and education than ever before. The Prime Minister was reported in the media, as attending the Salhang Tendrel, of Drugyel Dzong. In the very next headline, he was at another location attending the Puja at the Shivalaya Mandir in Samtse by the Hindu Community of Bhutan for the birth of The Gyalsey.

The future for Bhutan that one visualizes is one of Bhutan playing a major role in the affairs of the global community. An urbane, educated and technologically advanced population under the leadership of our King sustaining the vibrant democratic Constitutional Monarchical Kingdom, and grooming The Gyalsey to be another extraordinary luminary in the realm of Wangchuck Dynasty as The next Dragon King of the Dragon Kingdom. A rare Monarch great in his own right, who will lead Bhutan smoothly into and through the Twenty First Century.

As Bhutanese we are fortunate that such a possibility is at hand. Such an enlightened leadership is attainable without any inkling of doubt. He is already born!

One can hear the loud wish of The King that it is His Majesty’s Kingly task to bring up the next King, who can ably shoulder the kingship and lead Bhutan on-to the next pedestal of Good Governance.

Bhutan stands now fully reassured of such an eventuality being the reality in the arrival of His Royal Highness The Prince, The Heir Apparent of the Serthri of the Palden Drukpa.

While democracy gives Bhutan choices in quality of governance and affords opportunity for equal representation for decision-making in governance, it would be the duty of the Future King, as the common thread to ensure the continuity of the good and intrinsic aspects of governance, sustaining and eternalizing the great Bhutanese spirit. As the stars have favored Bhutan over the centuries, may we as Bhutanese continue to commit to our common national goals and aspirations, being aware and alive to the changing nature of things and politics, that good circumstance and situation only endure and sustain with the constant and consistent mutuality of our selfless commitment and contribution.

As our grandchildren inherit the future, we are fortunate that His Royal Highness with all the innate and enlightened leadership qualities of all our Kings will take responsibility of guiding the affairs of the Kingdom.

Fortunate as we are, to be living with the past, present and future Kings, and having had the privilege to be in a Royal Audience with the Third King, Fourth King and His Majesty the King, may we with Lui Ngag Yidsum hail our Gyalsey!

Bhutan truly is a blessed country and we Bhutanese are blessed to be born in a country warmer than the North and cooler than the South. Bhutan is all that we all want it to be. We have an educated society with a good command of the English language, ICT skills and is at the same time steeped in the finer aspects Bhutanese value system which is about being selfless and willing to go the extra mile to help make this world of ours a better one. The contribution of a healthy and peace loving Bhutan and Bhutanese, though small in population, will be felt and acknowledged. The country is at peace with itself.

Let us help build such a strong and exemplary Bhutan that our Prince will inherit to lead it and forge ahead as our next Druk Gyalpo. With free health care and compassionate care that we older Bhutanese enjoy we wish to live to see Bhutan with the Sixth King.


Drukyul Hails the Gyalsey!

As Bhutan bids farewell to the Great Lug Lo (Year of sheep),

The Year of Tribute to The Great Fourth at Sixty,

We usher in The Year of The Treu Jang Chub Sempa (Year of Monkey, with the mind of Bodhisattva)

When Sambhava, the Padma Jungney was born,

Zhabdrung, the Father of Drukyul arrived,

Palden Drukpa and Druubs

With our greatest sense of relief and joy

Welcome The Gyalsey of The Thunder Dragon

The Son of Palden Drukpa!


The Gyalsey who will lead us

Through the Twenty-First into the Twenty-Second Century!

The Visions of the Gyalsey flourishing far and wide.


Blessed is the Drukyul .

Rejoice Druubs, Celebrate Drukyul

The Gift of the Sokha (Spring season)!!!


Hail to The Prince,

Glory to The Gyalsey,

The Son of Palden Drukpa


Gyalsey Kutshay Ring -Thrinlay Gyal!

Wangchuck Juedzin Tendu Zhug! Wangchuck Juedzin Gyalo!

Palden Drukpa Druk Gyal Lo!


Heartiest Trashi Deleg Your Majesties!

Heartfelt Kadrin Chhey Your Majesties!

dasho Kunzang Wangdi


The writer is the former Chief Election Commissioner of Bhutan.

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