A historian and author is DCT’s compass for 2013

A prominent Bhutanese author with 23 publications to his name, Dr. Chenkyo T. Dorji popularly known as C.T Dorji is the latest name to feature from the Druk Chirwang Tshogpa (DCT) camps.

The noted historian-author will contest from the North Paro constituency.

And if what Meghraj Tamang the general secretary of the interim committee of DCT is to be believed the good Doctor will be the eminent political advisor of the party.

He said the nation has so many people with good human resources but we are ignorant. He is a person whom DCT relies on as he is a senior citizen who can give the clear idea of self-sufficiency.

Till 12 Dr. C.T Dorji attended his education from a monastic system. When he was 16 years old he switched over to modern education system. He received his education from St. Paul school in Kalimpong.

After his completion of schooling from Kalimpong he joined St. Xavier’s college in Calcutta. During his final year in college he was called by the Government of Bhutan as a senior Ramjar under the Home Ministry in June of 1971.

After that he served the government for 37 years and eventually retired in 2005 when he was a joint Director.

Meanwhile during his service he continued his education so he did his graduation when he was actively serving the government. Further pursued Post graduation and did his PhD and got his Doctorate in 1990.

After that in 1991-1992 he went to London School of Economics for his political science post graduation.

Simultaneously he developed an interest in research and publications because he felt that the documentation is very important in Bhutan. “Because whatever oral tradition we have now it is liable to vanish with the older generations,” he added.

Therefore he said that one must record and preserve the document as much as possible and try to publish them in the form of books.

“In Bhutanese context whether you are scholar, Politician or an administrator everybody comes from the same pocket that is civil service,” he said.

Dr. C. T has 37 years of experience in different organizations starting with Dungpa in Gelephu, Head of the Road Transport, revenue Customs and variety of experience in other organizations.

On top of that after his graduation from Political science from London school of economics he thought to put theoretical knowledge and practical experience together and try to bring some new changes in the democratic scenario of Bhutan.

“Druk Chirwang Tshogpa basically will look at common people and into grass roots level. The changes that DCT aspires to bring are mainly in socio-economic development and translate the GNH into real action geared at the grass roots level,” he said.

He said that Fulfilling GNH doesn’t mean to internationalize the concept but we should look into the need and the problems of the common people.

“If the country doesn’t have proper provisions for food, shelter, education, old age, the sick people, Gomchens (lay monks) and anims (nuns) who are in the hermitage then I don’t think that GNH can be realized,” he added.

Therefore, he said, DCT would like to address these issues from grass root level.

Dr. C.T said that even if the present government is not going in a right way then partly we are also to be blamed because it was our creation.

He said the 2008 elections can be considered as a trial and even if there is short falls with the ruling government then consideration is required.

Thus he said that they are trying to create new platforms so that they can address those short comings hereafter.

From his 23 publications “History of Bhutan based on Buddhism” was his first book. Actually it was his thesis on which he got his Doctorate in April 1990. The revised version was published in 1994.

From his publication his favorite book is “The origins and the History of Bhutanese Literature”. This book has a complete bibliography on Bhutan and contents the classification of literary period.

With a keen interest on research he said that he can imply it as a politician. He said that for any action it should be backed up by proper research. So as a politician when we plan anything it should be research-oriented.

“Therefore my contribution to the country as a politician will be up to expectations,” he said. In addition to that he said if new regulations such as pedestrian day, Tobacco act were based on research then things wouldn’t go wrong.

Dr. C.T Dorji was originally born in Uma, which was once under Wangduephodrang. I was born in Penlop’s Ngatshang as his maternal grandfather was Uma penlop and his father was helping penlop during those days.

He initially settled in Punakha as his mother was originally from Nobgang, Punakha. But he is now settled in Paro for more than 20 years.

Asked about his interest in DCT he said that the party was created by themselves so there is no question of joining other political parties.

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  1. DCT is having good numbers of common people and highly qualified President. She deserve to be President and she can lead the nation

  2. With due respect to DCT president’s achievement and bravery, I will bet my life that DCT will not win next election even to be Opposition party.

    In one of books , I read C.T Dorji is one of the 100 influential people in Bhutan written by himself. Lets see how how influential is his influence…..

  3. Phurbu Dorjee

    I wish you all the best dasho, this country really needs good governance and good leader as well, Tashi delek yoed mey la.

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