A Historical book on Bhutan

HRH Azhi Sonam Dechan Wangchuck and Lyonpo Om Pradhan at the launch

A historical book on Bhutan which took 10 years in the making finally made it to its launch last week. In a manner of speaking that is.

“Not that I worked on it continuously for 10 years but it has been over a decade. I wouldn’t have had much of time but I could manage some time from my busy schedule over a decade or so to get this book together,” said Lyonpo Om Pradhan, Author of The Roar of the THUNDER DRAGON.

The contents of the book demonstrate the critical historical developments that have taken place in Bhutan.

Lyonpo said the country was constantly threatened by the early 20th century internal squabbles and its very survival was endangered from time to time by powerful neighbors.

It is in this context that few can dispute the determined political will displayed by Bhutan’s rulers, he added.

Lyonpo Om said that it was the Wangchuck dynasty that ensured the country’s sovereignty and was able to safeguard Bhutan from both internal conflicts and entire external strengths for the last century.

Moreover he said it is the leadership that has enabled Bhutan to emerge and prosper as a sovereign, independent and finally a democratic nation.

Whatever the system of governance, the Lyonpo said it is evidently inherent in the belief of all the Bhutanese people while adopting constitutional democracy that they will always look to their monarch for comfort and to confront dangers to the nation and those that affect their personal welfare and wellbeing.

He said “the people will continue to look up to the King to meet their expectations of the vulnerable sections of the society and be the shield against all forms of bullying, exploitation, corruption and suppression”.

He further added that as an Ambassador and as a Minister he represented Bhutan in many forums which has indeed complemented the making of the book.

Moreover he said the book is part of his contribution to the many young diplomats in future and even to the general Bhutanese leader who will be able to gather information about the country’s background so they will be able to represent the nation in a manner that they will know about their past before they can deal and tackle the future.

“You need to know your past, your history, in order to deal effectively with the present,” Lyonpo said.

The editor and publisher of the book, Tashi P. Wangdi said he is proud to be associated with the book.

“The books on Bhutan are mostly read whenever one has to sit for RCSC (civil service exams) and other examinations. A majority of these books are written by non-Bhutanese but it is happening for the first time the book is written by a Bhutanese,” Tashi P. Wangdi said.

“I think, it would go a long way to help the youth of Bhutan to understand the history of the country and in being able to be appreciated,” said Tashi P. Wangdi.”

The book launch ceremony was graced by Her Royal Highness (HRH) Azhi Sonam Dechan Wangchuck.

Azhi Sonam Dechan shared the book was sent to her by Lyonpo Om Pradhan, the writer of the book two days ago.

“I immediately opened the book and I couldn’t stop reading and I finished reading the book yesterday,” she said at the launch.

HRH said, “It is the narrative of a man who has journeyed along with Bhutan for last 34 years and more”. She said inspired by the service of his father Dasho J.B Pradhan and with the desire to contribute, he served our king, country and people in many capacities shouldering each responsibility with great care.

“Sovereignty is an important theme in this book” Azhi said, adding that issues of sovereignty come in many manifestations as seen from our past.

This book journeys from our past to our present and tells us of the wisdom that we have employed over coming many challenges.

HRH congratulated His Excellency Lyonpo Om Pradhan, who is also the god father of HRH ever since 1981 and also thanked him for being truly committed and consistent in shouldering this personal responsibility too.

The book is of 276 pages and worth Nu 1,250.


Editor’s Note: The article is re-printed in this issue of The Bhutanese as the un-edited version was mistakenly sent for print in the previous issue. The error is sincerely regretted.

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