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Traffic SP, Pasang Dorji

“Traffic officials are taught to always be polite with the drivers while dealing with them and not to misuse their power but seems like not every men in blue have followed it to the hilt.”

That was Traffic Superintendant (SP) Pasang Dorji, of the Traffics Division, Royal Bhutan Police (RBP).

In a recent incident a businessman in his 20s was stopped by the traffic personnel at the expressway and without even explaining what his offence was, the man was asked to hand over his driving license and blue book. In return he was issued a yellow receipt.

An alto car was stopped for speeding but he was let-go without penalty,” said Namgay Tshering a businessman. In a random interview with The Bhutanese, many people said that traffic officials were rude while they were in the field.

Defending his traffic officers, Major Pasang Dorji, Superintendent of Thimphu traffic said “When such incidents happen, people should be bold enough to come forward to me or to my officers and give us in writing the complaint. We will ensure that if my men have been rude, then we will fix him accordingly”.

Acknowledging the fault of his men, the SP said “There might be few cases where officers might have been rude with the people. Since they are young and new to their work but I am sure it might not be that serious.”

On the allegations of misuse of power, he said “Everybody should be treated equal on the road whether the driver is known to the traffic official or not. I will not tolerate such thing from my men,” said the SP. “Our sole intention is ensure safe road for the vehicle users but not to harass them. We serve people but people should not think us as their servant,” SP added.


Chencho Dema/Thimphu

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