A King for the times

When we talk of our Kings we often tend to equate them on the same plane forgetting that His Majesty The King has the unique distinction of being King in an era of Democratic Constitutional Monarchy with competing political parties, elected governments and democratic institutions.

Despite this unique position His Majesty has thrived and captured the public imagination from inspiring the youth to looking after the old and forgotten.

If there is one defining quality of His Majesty then it his strong sense of duty. It is this strong quality that has given Bhutan a King who in his every breath, word and action conveys the interests of Bhutan and its people.

His Majesty in many ways is a leader of the times and has come along at a crucial time for Bhutan. From His Majesty’s enthronement on December 2006 to the elections in March 2008 His Majesty not only ensured a successful first step transition to democracy but also carried out many important reforms.

Land is the key asset for almost every Bhutanese and His Majesty in recognizing that not only provided land to landless but His Majesty also brought about significant land reforms. It is now wonder that around 86 percent of Thram holders in Bhutan have benefitted from Land Kidu granted in some form or the other by His Majesty even though land Kidu is yet to be granted in six Dzongkhags.

His Majesty’s land reforms in a way define His Majesty as a leader who wants to benefit each and every citizen and in doing so build a stake for everyone in Bhutan. His Majesty’s reforms in short strengthen both the people and the state and have positive implications for the long run.

If one were to study His Majesty’s speeches (all 150 pages of it) given from 2006 onwards the sheer size, scope and ambition of His Majesty’s vision for Bhutan seems as wide and deep as the very Ocean.

Bhutan is very lucky to have a King who not only understands the times well but also knows what we must focus on and do to secure our collective well being and future.

“A leader takes people where they would never go on their own.” –Hans Finzel







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