A man detained by RBP for alleged fatal stabbing of another man

A 28-year-old businessman from Tsirang has been detained by Wangduephodrang police on suspicion of voluntary manslaughter of a 33-year-old private driver from Samdrupjongkhar.

The incident occurred on 1 February 2024 at Bajo town, Wangduephodrang.

According to Wangduephodrang Polioce Station, the deceased visited the complainant’s residence to attend a ritual for the complainant’s husband, who recently passed away. The deceased was an employee (driver) of the elder brother of the complainant’s late husband.

The deceased, along with the suspect and three friends, were engaged in gambling (playing cards) in the bedroom. The suspect requested cash from the deceased.

After the suspect transferred Nu 1,000 through MBoB and received some cash from the deceased, a dispute arose over the remaining amount.

The suspect allegedly snatched the leftover cash from the deceased, leading to a physical altercation where the deceased punched and pushed the suspect before leaving the room.

The complainant, along with her mother, sister, and brother, were in the sitting room at the time. The deceased informed the complainant that he couldn’t find his slippers. The complainant later found the slippers inside the bedroom and returned it to the deceased.

Subsequently, the suspect followed the deceased into the sitting room, proclaiming his willingness to accept a 10-year imprisonment sentence, despite the complainant’s attempts to restrain him. A physical confrontation ensued, during which both parties grabbed each other’s shirts and assaulted each other.

According to the complainant, during the altercation, the deceased fell onto a table, and the suspect then stabbed the deceased in the stomach with a dagger before fleeing the scene. The weapon (dagger) was seized from the scene.

The deceased was immediately evacuated to the hospital, where medical personnel pronounced him dead on arrival. The medical examination revealed a deep stab wound on the left inguinal region as the cause of death, with no other external injuries noted.

The probable cause of death is hemorrhagic shock due to excessive bleeding from the left femoral vessels.

The suspect sustained abrasions on the neck, swelling on the left cheek, and head injuries.

Both the suspect and the deceased were under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident.

The suspect has been arrested and detained in connection with the incident and body of the  deceased has been handed over to the deceased’s wife.

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