A new NC candidate Vs an incumbent NC member in Haa

Haa has two candidates racing for the upcoming National Council (NC) Elections 2023. A former teacher and principal is competing against the incumbent member Ugyen Namgay.  

Ugyen Namgay holds a Masters degree in Public Policy from Australia, International Diploma from India, Post Graduate Diploma from Bhutan and Bachelors Degree from Bhutan. Prior to joining the politics, he was a senior analyst, a senior planning officer, a producer at BBS and a language teacher.

He has served as NC member for five years. With an experience of five years as a Member of Parliament, he has pledged to uphold the values and principles of the Constitution and rule of law, and to bring perfection and quality in legislation through enactment, amendment, consolidation, repeal and review of Acts.

He further pledged to review and scrutinize policies, plans, and programs, budget, national issues and government actions through research, consultation, public hearings and using other parliamentary devices.

The other pledges are to review and highlight key national and constituency issues and improve oversight function of the Parliament and to represent the voice of people in the Parliament and national discourse.

Up against the incumbent is Dago Tsheringla, a former principal of Jampel Higher Secondary School & Drujeygang School. He has 18 years of experience in the field of education. Dago Tsheringla holds a Masters degree in Educational Leadership and Management from India.

Dago Tsheringla has pledged to fulfill His Majesty’s Vision and to look and support the wishes of the people according to the Constitution of Bhutan. He further pledged to amend the existing law and policies, and to bring in new laws and polices, if need be.

His other pledges include supporting the socioeconomic development, and to check and balance if the development projects are being distributed equally in and around the country. To work closely with the Member of Parliament, local leaders and dzongkhag head to address the issues at local and dzongkhag level.

Further he wants to bring in equity in the community as per the policies, finding ways and means in preserving culture and local produce, and to focus in promoting tourism in the dzongkhag. Find various solutions in addressing the youth-related issues, in accordance to the law. He further emphasized on building the bridge between people and the government.      

Moreover, he pledged to complete the remaining projects of 12th FYP and to provide necessary support towards the successful completion of 13th FYP. 

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