A political aspirant who aspires ‘true’ well being


Many political aspirants have run the ‘people will choose’ line one too many times, but this National Council aspirant really wants to be the chosen-best for the people. And in the event that he is not the one, he is already underway in thoughts and action to ensure the right man or woman to represents his constituency.

Pema Tenzin, 34 from Chapcha, Chukha believes that Bhutanese need not look across the oceans for shining examples when the best in personality and actions are embodied in the persons of their Majesties the fourth King, His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck and the Druk Gyalpo Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck.

Pema completed his MBA from Victoria University, Melbourne. In the course of his studies he concentrated more on sustainable business ideas, green corporate designs and renewing human resources. Prior to his studies in Australia, Pema worked as a Human Resource Director at Uma.

“With my background in Human Resource development, I have always been intrigued by the excellent quality and capacity of the Bhutanese. All we need is to inculcate the essence of trust in awakening the creative side of ourselves,” Pema said with a shine in his eyes.

The vision of an NC member, said Pema Tenzin should be to be a principal apolitical institution of a vibrant democracy that promotes the wellbeing of the people while safeguarding the security and sovereignty of the kingdom.

He said as a member of the house of review an NC member should work to ensure that the ruling government safeguards the interest of the nation and fulfills the aspiration of the people through public review of policies and issues, bills and other legislation and scrutiny of the state functions.

Pema said, “Bhutan has been always fortunate in enjoying unprecedented peace and stability under our great Monarchs. Now people must participate and be informed about the nation’s priorities. A well informed citizen will always educate the next generation.”

“In the wake of the upcoming election, it is every citizen’s prerogative to attend campaign meetings called by which so ever party or candidate. While doing so it is highly important for all of us not to create disharmony amongst ourselves. It is our sacred duty to ensure that family values are respected and preserved no matter what happens in the process,” said Pema Tenzin.

The Chukha NC aspirant believes Democracy is special in Bhutan as it was gifted to the Bhutanese people from the throne. And in that, by definition it is a form of government in which all eligible citizens have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives.

Pema Tenzin has acquainted himself with the business world from a very tender age. He understands that to build a vibrant sustainable economy, we must be ever ready to roll up the sleeves and participate. Pema proudly said that Bhutanese people have both physical and human resources at par with any other developed nations. “It is just a matter of designing our own Bhutanese framework,” he said.

“Chukha Dzongkhag is the hub of our nation’s economic activity and it is important for the people in my constituency to take ample opportunities. This applies to other Dzongkhags too. We must all learn to wake up and work hard to build a vibrant economy,” said Pema.

Chencho Dema / Thimphu

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