A private water Co partnering with schools to provide clean drinking water

Mawongpa Water Solution, a private firm, is partnering with schools to provide clean and sufficient drinking water to students.

As a start, the company will partner with Gomtu Middle Secondary School in Samtse.

Mawongpa Water Solution founder Sonam Dorji said the company was interested in providing clean water in Gomtu schools because Gomtu is an industrial town and lacks safe drinking water.

He said the company will begin installation of filtration systems at Gomtu from May and the advance flirtation system will all be operational by June.

The will company bear cost of machinery, installation, maintenance, and operation for 10 years and in return the school collects a monthly amount of Nu 20 to 25 for 10 months from its students to pay back the company.

Sonam Dorji said the company would look into more schools to partner with in future to put an end to the growing problem of insufficient and fresh drinking water in schools across the country.

He said that because the company imports heavy and sophisticated machinery most of the consumers are of the opinion that the products are expensive. However with the establishment of company’s own manufacturing unit in the country, he said the services and products can be offered at a much lower price.

Mawongpa water solution was established in 2009.

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