A stitch in winter

The monsoon season is a nightmare for Thimphu residents but problem is especially bad for Norzin Lam. The problem lies in the inadequacy of the carrying capacity of the drainage system.

In order to combat this problem, the Thromde has been carrying out drainage diversion works for the last two days. The diversion channel is directed towards Changlam and will reduce drainage traffic.

“We expect it to ease the sewage overflow problem significantly” said Thrompon, Kinley Dorji.

The Thromde said heavy man power working overtime were deployed enabling completion of the works within a few short days..

The problems is not limited to Norzin Lam. Over flowing open air drains and sewage drainage systems also belch out enough water and sewage to flood the streets along the hospital roads. The Thromde also have plans to improve these too.

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