A stricter ToR for Quarantine Management

In order to ensure the strict quarantine protocols, Royal Bhutan Police and Desuups will ensure no breaching of quarantine protocols in the quarantine facilities and ensure no breach during escort of quarantine individuals to quarantine facilities.

There will be an appropriate criteria for selection and deployment of Desuups at the quarantine facilities. They will be assigned on quarantine duty for more than 30 days at a stretch. Desuups will be thoroughly briefed on quarantine management protocols and disaster management as per the guidelines and SOPs by RBP, Ministry of Health (MOH) and Department of Disaster Management (DDM).

The ministry of health will provide adequate Personal Protection Equipment (PPEs) for quarantine individual care and security teams.

Hotels for quarantine will be identified for different risk categories to quarantine individuals. The quarantine individuals from Paro will undergo risk profiling by the health desk and from other dzongkhags will be done by the task forces. The individuals will be briefed on Dos and Don’ts on their way to quarantine centers.

The inspection of hotel premises will be done by RBP and the security team headed by Desuup Gojays look after the quarantine facilities. Hotel staff will remain inside the quarantine facilities till the end of the quarantine period. In times of emergency, staff may be relieved upon conducting COVID test and with approval from the MoH surveillance team and information to the security team.

The hotel staff on duty shall maintain zero contact and exposure to the quarantine individuals. Other people will not be allowed to reside within the premises. If they reside within the premises, they will not be allowed to come out.

Thimphu got a scare when a cook who tested positive had left the quarantine hotel to go out.

The RBP will look into overall responsibility to ensure no breach during quarantine individual escort and at quarantine facilities.

The Health Minister earlier told the paper that given the WHO now recognizing aerosol or airborne transmission the quarantine centers keeping high risk individuals will not be in the middle of towns but on the outskirts.

She said an important aspect would also be the ventilation facility in these places to ensure that there is adequate ventilation.

Many frontline workers in the south manning quarantine centers had tested positive.

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