A tribute

“ONE NATION ONE PEOPLE” was what His Majesty our beloved Fourth Druk Gyalpo said when I was in a junior School as a primary student. Every one of us knows that our Nation has progressed by leaps and bounds under the far-sighted leadership and benevolence of our great Kings who ruled our Nation over a Century and brought much peace and happiness in this Land of Gross National Happiness.

Therefore, a humble citizen of Bhutan feels it necessary to pay the most dedicated tribute from the core of my heart for their Majesties’ long life and a very happy, fruitful life for eternity. His Majesty our Druk Gyalpo is truly our people’s King being pragmatic, travelling across the remote areas of our Nation and truly speaking His heart out to His citizens and even listening to what our people have to express. Her Majesty Gyaltsuen Jetsun Pema equally participates in bringing happiness especially to our unfortunate brothers, sisters, children and elderly ones. We are truly indebted from our hearts to Your Majesties for showing such love and kindness from Your Majesties’ Hearts which is rare in other parts of this world.

We have seen truly how His Majesty the King acts as the ‘Peoples’ King’ and Her Majesty the Queen does the same. My heartfelt wishes and prayers for them is that our Royal Couple always be happy and helpful for the “Tsa-wa-sum”, following the footsteps of our beloved Fourth Druk Gyalpo Jigme Singye Wangchuk and their Majesties the Queen Mothers.

In this first anniversary of the Royal Wedding, I from the very core of my heart wish Their Majesties the King and the Gyaltsuen a very fruitful marriage.

Lastly, from the core of my heart I would like to offer my prayers and wishes for the well-being of our beloved Majesties, for their long life and for the well being of our Nation State as well as for all the sentient beings.


Dr. Thinley Norbu

Email: drnobut20118@gmail.com 

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