A visual summary of ancient Bhutan, a fine getaway – Udumwara

The noise, the chaotic routine and a redundant everyday life eventually and naturally sends all minds into a state of saturation with the urban baggage of polluted sights, sounds and smell.

In that state of overly-exerted emotions waiting to explode into fatigue, frustration or just a submissive whimper, one thing commonly wished is a sanctuary, a place of quiet and peace, where even if momentarily, the mind can let-loose of work deadlines and financial deals, company woes etc.

Udumwara, a resort in Paro fortunately fulfills all the conditions above  “The fragrance of Drukyul” as the slogan reads, holds true for the Udumwara flower and for the Udumwara Resort, located amidst the raw natural beauty with a true traditional touch of warm hospitality. Lord Buddha sitting on the lotus welcomes you as you enter the Udumwara resort.

The resort welcomes tourists and locals to its cottages to lavish in breath taking sceneries and the tranquil settings. Visitors can also while enjoy sumptuous meals and fine beverages too.

The resort is a most spectacular marriage of traditional looks with a touch of modern architecture. The resort therefore undoubtedly lives up to its slogan as a ‘visual summary of ancient Bhutan’.

The resort has 10 rooms at the main block and 5 cozy villas with 4 rooms in each villa built few meters away from the main block located just opposite to the river bank which are all deluxe twin bedded rooms decorated in a traditional style with modern facilities like security boxes, 32 inch LCD TV and free wireless internet connection.

The Pakshing Bar (made entirely of bamboo) serves only local drinks like changkay (made from rice and yeast) and the handicraft shop has all the antiques on display just next to the bar in the main block.

With an aquarium counter is the Nyeltsho restaurant/bar just about 70 meters away from the main block. Ideal for short hikes and rock climbing, a small mountain rests behind the resort in a comforting manner overlooking the valley with the Pachhu flowing tenderly below it.

There is also a huge conference hall which can accommodate about 40-50 people depending on the seating layout.

Adding on to the existing natural beauty of the resort, a traditional bridge is constructed which passes over a small brook.

Kuenga Lekpa Dorji, 34-year old, CEO of the resort worked government services for almost six years and  now looks after the family resort which started in 2007 but became operational only last year.

“The resort’s venue was once an apple orchard, it was lying idle so I approached my parents about starting a resort. The birth of Udumwara took place with financial help from BNB and half from myself,” he said.

The resort started with just 14 rooms but now has 22 rooms, which are spacious with beautiful interiors.

Many guests of the resort complimented the food and the rooms but the only drawback according to the CEO is that during winters, due to the spacious rooms, the rooms get cold but prior to the arrival of the guests the rooms are heated with the help of the heaters.

The location of the resort near the river bank is a plus point.

“To run a resort is a challenging job but I am happy with what I am doing,” the 34-year old said with a smile on his face.

Explaining ‘Udumwara’, he  said, “we tried couple of names but one way or the other it did not work out and finally I asked one of my friends to suggest me Sanskrit  names and ‘Udumwara’ was appealing to my family and we decided on it”.

Udumwara in Sanskrit means “an auspicious flower from heaven”, which is said to blossom once every 3,000 years. In the pipeline is a two storied entertainment center with heating system-equipped swimming pool, spa therapies, steam and sauna, Jacuzzi, and a well equipped gymnasium overlooking the Pachhu River.


Chencho Dema / Paro

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