Pictures of the week( Left:50 RBA soldiers assigned by His Majesty helping build the Bailey bridge. Right: A RBA soldier, Policeman and a DeSuup helping a Sarpang resident to safety.)

A week that revealed

The saying often goes that adversity reveals a lot, and in the last one week Bhutan went through a lot.

The heavier than normal monsoons flooded our southern plains, blocked almost every major highway cutting access to even major centers like Thimphu and generally left us in a vulnerable state.

This is in the context of Bhutan being a poor and aid dependant, mainly mountainous country with very limited resources and capacity to handle such a huge challenge.

There was initial panic as people not only in Thimphu but also other Dzongkhags like Paro, Haa, Bumthang etc rushed to fuel stations and some wondered aloud on when the food would start running out.

In the south the situation was no better as the floods washed away Sarpang town and threatened Amochu river’s embankments while a smaller but swollen stream threatened Phuentsholing itself.

It seemed like the monsoon Gods had decided to declare an all out war on Bhutan.

However, in the middle of all this the reassuring presence of His Majesty at the worst hit areas not only provided relief but also rallied the armed forces, DeSuups and volunteers to do their best.

The Prime Minister and members of his cabinet also put their best foot forward taking initiative.

Ultimately Bhutan and Bhutanese at every level came together in turning a moment of natural disaster into a moment of triumph for our collective national spirit.

Bhutan may be a small and vulnerable nation but the last one week also showed a depth of leadership, strength and unity that dwarfs our vulnerability and fears time and again.

“If everyone helps to hold up the sky, then one person does not become tired.” 

Askhari Johnson Hodari

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