Abandoned Kelki School in Yonphula confirmed to the special school for students struggling with substance abuse

It has been rumored that the special school directed by the National Drug Task Forec (NDTF) is to be located at the Kelki School in Yonphula. However, Lyonpo Yeezang D Thapa confirmed in the Meet the Press Session that the ministry has decided to study the number of people needed for this school to be successful, and it is indeed going to be at the Kelki School in Yonphula.

 “The school is directed to start by July, but we’re uncertain if it will be ready by then, as renovations are required, which will take some time,” stated the Education Minister.

Lyonpo also mentioned that until now, only classes above 9 underwent routine check-ups to detect drug use. However, the ministry is planning to extend these check-ups to include classes starting from 7 this year and If students are found abusing drugs during these routine check-ups, they will be referred to the special school

In terms of curriculum, Lyonpo explained that it will be similar to that of any public school in Bhutan, and referring to it as a rehab school doesn’t imply it will operate like a full-time institution.

 Instead, it will be structured in a manner that ensures students’ regular schooling isn’t disrupted, and they can continue their learning process seamlessly.

She added, “For the time being individuals will be kept there and given treatment so that after their recovery they go back to their schools as usual.”

The Prime Minister, also emphasized the importance of the special school directed by the NDTF and stressed the urgency of its commencement.

He stated, “When I visited the Kelki School, I didn’t know how to react looking at the situation over there. The building, which was constructed very well, is abandoned without a single caretaker. The only thing inside the building was cow dung; even the cow, after throwing its dung, stepped out of the building.”

Lyonchhen said he had to say this considering the country’s economy. Whether private or government property, the outcome affects the country equally and if one cannot protect it, development and service quality can suffer.

He remarked, “If a property is abandoned before our eyes, forget about our country getting richer; it will become poorer. Reflecting on my visit to Kelki School, I acknowledged the lesson in His Majesty’s command about completing tasks once started and taking responsibility for failures. Kelki serves as an example; in our impoverished country, we must be vigilant not to abandon both properties and human resources.”

Lyonchhen noted that this could be the reason why the government could not start the special school immediately. “Even after paying 16 crores (160 mn) for the school, now we have to renovate it entirely. I now understand that we have to take care of what we already have including the rules and regulations.”

The PM concluded by mentioning that the school shall benefit those students who abuse drugs and that the vision is to not have any obstacles in their educational journey and let these students continue to study.

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