ACC investigating Nu 10 mn heist by ATM Teller in Druk-PNB

The Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) for the last three weeks has been investigating how a trusted ATM Teller of the Druk-PNB Bank embezzled around Nu 10 mn in cash from nine ATM machines of the bank in Thimphu.

The bank started getting suspicious when not all its ATMs were working as it wanted its machine to be working at all times.

The ATM teller was given the responsibility of going around in a cash vehicle loading cash into the nine ATMs, whenever they ran out of money.

Each ATM machine can hold on an average around Nu 3 mn so the teller was handling substantial funds.

The modus operandi of the teller was to skim money from all the tellers.

When the bank was about to do its check on one machine he would make up for the shortfall in it my placing cash there from other machines.

He carried this on until the bank accountants started finding a lot of missing money from the machines not being accounted for by withdrawals by other bank’s clients or its own clients.

The game was finally up when a surprise check was done by the bank staff on all nine machines more than a month ago.

The ATM Teller who is currently suspended confessed to the crime though the ACC which is working with a presumptive Nu 10 mn embezzlement will have to get the details and the exact amount lost.

A senior bank staff ,who did not want to be identified said they are baffled with how the staff could have been so blatant especially as he was a trusted staff. He said  the teller probably assumed he would get away.

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