Accident kills one in Wangdiphodrang

A 27 year old man was killed on the spot when the vehicle he was driving veered off the road on the night of 17  December near Chuzomsa about six kilometers away from the Wangduephodrang town.

The Bolero (private vehicle) plunged inside the Dangchhu River. The incident was reported to the police by some of the passersby. The body of the victim was handed over to the uncle of the deceased while the vehicle lies plunged inside the river.

“How and when the accident occurred is not known,” said the Officer in-charge of the Wangduephodrang police station. The victim was the only person in the vehicle and was travelling from Lobesa to Chuzomsa.

The figures compiled with the Road Safety and traffic management division of the Royal Bhutan Police (RBP) show that as of 30 November 2012 a total of 59 male have died due to accidents across the country. The numbers of female deaths in road accidents is 9 within the span of 11 months across the kingdom.


Chencho Dema / Thimphu




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  1. Is there another Wangduephodrang between Thimphu-Paro highway? The headline of the story and its content is totally confusing…..

  2. Really a confusing read. disoriented after reading it. where was the accident actually? i guess the key word leading to confusion was the CHUZOM. m i right ?

  3. the journalist should be very careful in compiling the news, here it is confusing the general public. is there any place name chuzom after six kilometers from wangduephodrang and the title says thimphu-paro highway which one to believe, the goodpath should  scrutinized  the journalist selection well before getting into TheBhutanese which the above indication is a poor negligence on part of a  journalist. Slowly losing faith on TheBhutanese’s journalists and the paper.

  4. Reporter or Editor are you crazy be remined that Chuzom and Chuzomsa is of different place in different Dzongkhag. Accident happened near Chuzomsa Under wangdiphodrang Dzongkhag and your Head Line is on Thimphu-Paro Highway what is This.

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