The government has requested the ACC to investigate certain alleged malpractices in the Ministry of Labour and Human Resources’ training programs for youth sent to India and Japan.

The main needle of suspicion is on the private agents but malpractices within the Labour ministry cannot be ruled out yet.

The labour minister has taken leave until the investigation is over. For any government, investigations just before elections is usually not desired, but it is good that the government is more determined to clean house than calculate political repercussions.

The Opposition Leader has come up with a complaint to the ACC based on the complaints of some farmers in Tsirang. The PM has asked the OAG to look into the case. The ACC had investigated the same complaint last year from another complainant about a fake REDCL office and fees for loans but found no corruption then.

Whether the ACC or the OAG looks into the case, a clear explanation and the accounts of the Nu 300 may go a long way in clearing doubts. If there is any wrong doing of any sort, then people should be held accountable as per the law.

“The right thing to do and the hard thing to do are usually the same.”
Steve Maraboli

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