Action to be taken against 2 SPs, 2 OCs and constables for security breach: Chief

An investigation by a RBP committee from the Headquarters into security lapses at the Supreme Court has found lapses on the part of the VVIP Police SP, OC and constables and also the Thimphu Division SP, OC and constables.

The lapses concern the stabbing of an ACC Director with a knife, assault of an ACC Commissioner and general chaos at the Supreme Court.

The Chief of Police Major General Chimi Dorji said he has received a copy of the investigation report into the security lapses and now action will be taken against the officers and constables based on their lapses and the service rules. He said the committee will make the recommendations on the action to be taken and the headquarters will take action.

The Police Chief said that the overall the lapses include a lack of proper system in place in additional to individual lapses.

In the case of the VVIP police he said the SP will face supervisory accountability and the OC will face action as the implementing officer. He said the Registrar General met the SP and OC and talked about the security issues and the officers even briefed the constables but what was not taken into account was adequate manpower.

The Chief said that there were only four constables in a large premise like the Supreme Court and while two was engaged in frisking the other two had to take charge of the courtroom.

He said that with a limited manpower and large group that came there was only half hearted frisking and this is where the knife got through. The Chief said a proper system and adequate manpower was needed which were not put in place.

In the case of Thimphu Division police too similar accountability is being placed on the SP, OC and the constables.

The Chief said that convictions keep happening in the High Court and Supreme Court and the Thimphu Division should have put in place a system to collect convicted people, how to contact the RBP, a focal person etc which was not there.

He said that the constables were told what to do but there was no officer to oversee them.

There had been repeated calls to the Thimphu Division from the court to pick up the convicted and yet there was no response for a while.

The Chief said that one person had told another who had forgotten to pass on the message with the result that there was a delay.

The Chief said that the RBP would be sitting with the Chief Justice and the RG to create a streamlined system.

He said it will be made sure that litigants don’t go in and out together, that police are allowed to enter the court room to take away the convicted person or person before the court is dismissed along with other measures.

He said this would be implemented in all the courts in the 20 Dzongkhags as the security lapse at the Supreme Court has been an eye opening incident and it cannot be taken for granted. He said that SOPs will be created.

In the meantime, the Chief said that investigation into the assault and batter case and the stabbing case is still going on but will be charge sheeted soon.

While Lhab Dorji, his wife and two sons will be charged for assault and battery, Lhab Dorji will face separate charges for the stabbing case. Lhab Dorji’s daughter shouted in the court premises but she did not take part in the assault which is why she got bail early.

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