Actress Kezang D Wangmo to enter Politics via PDP

kesang d wangmoPolitics may tend to get dirty on one occasion too many, but at least with this contender it will remain visually appealing for the electorate’s eyes.

And that will be the 26 year old actress Kezang D. Wangmo of the Bhutanese film Industry, who joined the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and the 2013 race for office.

In an interview with this paper, she said that a woman represents hope and change which can strengthen democracy to bring a better change in the lives of people, “especially for the women and youth of our country”.

She said that by joining politics she hopes to encourage and motivate capable and dedicated women to participate in democratic governance. It would further contribute to the overall social, economic and political development of the country.

“As a woman politician one can be focused and determined in setting up things in the right direction with high integrity and transparency, which the current system calls for urgently,” she said.

Asked about her reasons and interest to join politics she said that she is inspired by the noble and farsighted visions of His Majesty the Fourth King and His Majesty the King who have always placed tremendous faith and confidence in the youth of Bhutan.

On top of that “I have always been passionate about making a difference in the lives of our people through every means,” she said.

Therefore considering her ‘undying passion and will to work for the community’ she wanted to join politics.

Joining politics for her means that it will be possible to contribute more toward community and above all, doing so at a young age would mean to encourage other women and youth to participate in the democratic process.

Kezang said this can make the society realize the crucial need for women participation at various levels of the decision making process. For the next 2013 election, she will contest from Dogar-Shaba constituency in Paro. So far she has received good support from elders and people of her constituency.

“But it’s too early for me to pass down any judgment until the Election Day,” she said. Nonetheless, she remains optimistic that given the opportunity she will prove to be an eligible candidate for the country and for the party.

The 26 year old is fully aware that her constituency will have competent contenders who will be either incumbents or new candidates. To that she said “it’s good for my constituency to have good candidates who can offer a range of alternatives and options to the people”.

However, she said politics is all about how committed you are to fulfill the aspirations of the people and gain their support and confidence.

The actress very much seen onscreen in the role of the ‘girl next door’ observed that Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) had done well but has not been impressive in its first five years. She said the ruling government was a mere shadow though they won the first election by an overwhelming majority.

“It has been bogged down by the first constitutional case, an unimpressive economic performance plagued by an unprecedented rupee crisis, the lottery scam and host of other policy failures coupled with serious allegations of corruption,” she said.

However she said that in this period of five years there is a need for some serious introspection by all the Bhutanese. “Are we doing any better than before or are we losing sight of what we all have ventured out to take on, after all democracy was gifted to us from the Golden Throne,” she said.

She added that people have already started looking for other parties, in particular PDP, to fulfill their aspirations for a better democratic Bhutan.

To join PDP was her own decision though she was invited by other political parties. Inspired by the party ideology and policies, she said that PDP, who represents common people, is in a much better position to serve the country and people through its enlightened ideology and dedicated candidates.

“PDP was born with the noble ideology of “Power to the People” and still today the party continues to actively uphold the true elements of a democratic system of governance in the country,” she said.

She hopes that 2013 election will chart a better course for the future of the country and bring a change that one can look back with joy and relief. Even though she is passionate with her acting profession, she now feels that she should play a positive role by being a responsible citizen participating in the democratic process.

“With the increasing role of women in politics and good governance, I am optimistic that the nation will support a candidate who is based on values and convictions, without perceiving on gender,” she said.

The aspiring candidate Kezang D. Wangmo did her general schooling from Chapcha Higher Secondary School. With her personal interest and strength in National Language and Culture she went to the Institute of Language and Culture Studies (ILCS), Simtokha under the Royal University of Bhutan.

After her five years of education at ILCS she graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Language and Culture in 2008. During her school days she was not only known for her academic performances but also for active participation in co-curricular activities.

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  1. Last time PDP wouldn’t win when they hire members of film industries but they have one step ahead this time to lose again by nominating film artists…

    The situation like in India where stars get votes is far away. As of now, please choose brain over beauty. Of course, as a woman my vote is for her but as individual, she is just not good enough yet. Why take another bench warmer when DPT already has two bench warmer all in the name of women….

    Anyway, best of luck, if you win, male adrenaline surge may gives parliamentary decision in your favour..

    • I think she will be bench warmer in the hall like what you said!!

    • Karma S. Tobgay

      Quite sad, in fact very sad to read the above comment which appears to have written attempting to bar youth/women from participation into politics. Everything changes along with the change of time. Hence, with the increasing priority accorded to women and youth in particular, it should be everyone’s goodwill to encourage young professionals who are taking interest to step into the politics.

      To begin with, we should invest in grooming young politicians which would ultimately make them a productive citizen after few years and when they reach at the age of mind 30s they can stand at the top where everyone can look upto as a model.

      Hence, in my view, PDP has taken an exciting step encouraging the youth participation aiming at building a highly professional politicians in the third round of election. It is highly crucial to have youth representatives in any forums and functions as the state will be run by these young people in the near future.

      This is not to offend any party or an individal, but as a concerned citizen, I would humbly urge any other political parties to extend avenues for at least couple of young people as they are the ones responsible for running the country very soon.

      So, for Kezang, I would like to congratulate you for making this BIG decision and I hope this can be seen as a source of inspiration by other youths and female candidates like yourself. I wish you good luck and same goes to any other young individuals who would be joining politics but only for those with good intention and willing to work with integrity.

  2. co curricular activities all the way……..

  3. The Bhutanese is biased: Supporting PDP and criticizing DPT…..uffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff….

  4. 2008 PDP lost due to their choice of party president.
    2013 PDP will lose due to their choice of candidates.

    This party is cursed with doing all the wrong things.

  5. This is publicity stunt. We will choose only capable ones though they may be ugly

  6. A parliament without enough women representation is incomplete, so more women should come forward in joining politics

  7. Fisrt of all, is this  bhutanese peoples website or PDP website! all it seems to deliver is The voice of PDP??nevertheless What is PDP trying to do? Do they take us as stupids, if only PDP could find better ideas, may be PDP is trying to win an Indian film awards by following the Indian way, this is Bhutan never gonna work this idea and ideology. I believe that wanting to be a politican and taking up the responsibility of being a politican is two different thing, PDP please make better choices!!

  8. Forgot something next bench warmer coming up!!

  9. y do u criticize dpt when u join in pdp.u shd know 70 percent of the ppl love dpt.

  10. A women against women? When will Bhutan succeed by this strategy. I see all women contestants should walk into Chirwang and ammend the party ideology to suit them because it really is women’s party.

  11. Kezang D. Wangmo

    Thank you every one for your time reading this article. I have been following your comments and it means a lot to me.

  12. What kind of looks u call beauty? Seems like some Bhutanese never seen a beauty even if its skin deep.

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