Adulteration of fuel and establishment of fuel outlets in every Gewog discussed

The Wamrong Constituency MP, Karma Tenzin brought to the notice of the Economic Affairs Minister on the issues where people reported incidences of mixing kerosene with fuel at the stations which has led to several cases where specific vehicle parts were damaged, causing unnecessary huge maintenance cost to the vehicle owners.

“In this regard, surprise checks have to be carried out by the MoEA to counter such problems. What is the Ministry doing to curb such malpractices and what are the penalties for such practices?” questioned MP Karma Tenzin during the Question Hour session yesterday.

Lyonpo Lekey Dorji responded that it is an important issue and such a major offence is punishable by law. “If anyone is found indulging in such malpractices, we will take action in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act. The consumers must retain the receipts from the fuel stations, so that the concerned authorities can verify their claims and take actions accordingly should such problem arise. Since few cases have been brought to the Ministry’s notice before, we have six regional office and two Dzongkhag offices in Samtse and Trashiyangtze where the public can report their grievances on the matter.”

He added that the officials in the different Dzongkhags carry out timely surprise checks. “The fuel outlets are also mandated to be equipped with hydro meter and measuring cans to check the density of the petrol and diesel and study adulteration in the fuel. If any such incident occurs, public are requested to report to the regional trade offices.”

Lyonpo Lekey Dorji also said that the trade officials carried out a quality check where they collected around 89 samples of kerosene from different fuel depots but no adulteration has been found so far. “The public must come forward and report your complaints if anyone fall’s victim to such malpractices, or else the government won’t be aware and will not be able to render our help.”

The Nanong Shumar MP, Dechen Zangmo also solicited update from the Economic Minister on the number of fuel stations established so far in the Gewogs, as the party pledged to set up fuel stations in each Gewog.

To this, Lyonpo Lekey Dorji said that there are around 54 fuel outlets in the country and plans to establish 65 more fuel stations are underway in consultation with all the relevant stakeholders. The works are expected to be complete before the end of the party’s term. “Apart from petrol and diesel, we are also planning to provide gas to the rural areas even if it is not included in our pledge after we received directive from the Prime Minister. The gas is expected greatly benefit the women in the rural areas which will ease them in carrying the household works,” said Lyonpo Lekey Dorji.

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