Affordable housing for the the lower income group

DNT’s Manifesto says, solving the housing crisis in Phuentsholing and other urban areas will be the first priority of the government.A high-level committee will be established within six months of the government’s formation to submit a detailed report and plan to provide 100 per cent solution to the housing crisis in Phuentsholing.

It will then identify all major urban areas, including Thimphu and invest and work closely with NHDCL to ensure adequate housing within the first three years of our government.

DNT’s Priority will be in building housing complexes that are liveable, affordable and within close proximity to public services such as schools and hospitals.

Middle and low income groups and families working in corporate and private sectors will be given priority. Mechanisms will be put in place to ensure this. It is in keeping with DNT’s vision of narrowing the gap.

To expedite the development and completion of housing construction works in Phuentsholing and other urban centers, DNT will consult and work closely with Royal Monetary Authority in lowering interest rates for home loans for lower income groups.
Low interest rates will be given to individuals and families from low income groups, as well as, builders of low income residential housing and DNT will also improve mortgage terms to improve access to housing loans, particularly for low and middle income groups.

DNT says, a mechanism to screen all such proposals and a vigilant monitoring system will be instituted. DNT will also consider identifying and categorizing Dzongkhags as per housing needs and put in place incentives such as low interest rates, reduced prices for timber, sand and stone to encourage building houses in those places.

DNT will strengthen NHDCL to plan and develop public housing projects that provide every Bhutanese with opportunity to own quality homes and healthy living environments at a cost they can afford.

DNT will Build at least 2,500 flats or homes around the country for home ownership and introduce a home ownership scheme that provides financial support and gives priority to first time house owners and for those from lower and middle income groups.
DNT will work with RMA and NPPF to enable Bhutanese to use their pension and provident fund for down payment of their homes and pay monthly mortgage loan installments.

It shall also Introduce grants for low and middle income groups, whereby the public houses or flats will be sold at a discounted cost.DNT will strengthen NHDCL to carry out this project and provide financial resources to successfully implement the housing project.

Various incentives will be put in place for builders that use sustainableand in countryavailable materials in their construction.
Due to limited suitable areas for construction in towns and cities, the mandatory rule imposed in most Dzongkhags limiting houses to two storey will be lifted.

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