After govt and ACC rejection two representatives of parents to visit and investigate in Japan

After the request to include parents along with the team from the government to Japan has not been approved by the labour ministry, two of the committee’s representative member will be leaving for Japan on the 19th of February.

While some committee members donated Nu 1,000 each for the trip and air tickets the accommodations are managed by the Japanese social worker, Yumiko Kan who has been helping with the issues of Bhutanese students in Japan.

Ngawang Tobgay, the committee lawyer who will be going to Japan along with one of the parent said the visit will be made purposefully to visit as many students and find out the main issues. “We also want to approach the concerned agencies on the matter and rectify the issue.”

While the case against BEO will be filed after their return from Japan, he said they’ll gather feedback from the students and get more signatures of those who want to file the legal case against BEO.

“We will try to find out the truth if the 85 percent of the students are doing well as per the figure given by the government or if it is just the opposite. We also hope to know how the loan payment is being done; weather they are doing it themselves or it is being done by the parents back home.”

The representatives also hopes to find out if the agencies have really abided by the contract and look out for prospect to address the visa issue which is nearing expiry.

“Many more can be updated once we are there,” said the lawyer.

Yumiko Kan said the need for the representatives to visit Japan is very crucial. She will be guiding the two members throughout the visit. “The action from the government is too slow, therefore, we need some of the members to investigate the ground reality.”

Moreover, she said that if the team from the government is going to visit in late March as planned by the government, it will be late since the visa of many will expire by first and second week of March while remaining will be going to vocational institutes. “They can’t reach out to them again and the information will again only be half truth.”

“Together we will get to know the kind of problems being faced, how many of them are really doing well, the real cause of suicide of the boy in Fukuoka and many more. Appointment to meet the concerned official in foreign ministry has also been made on 22nd February at 11 am to share their concerns.”

The two representatives will be in Japan till 14th March.

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