2020 notification from Thromde saying green, brown and red roofs are okay

After okaying Green, Brown and Red Colour roof colours in 2020 Thimphu Thromde now says only Green colour and Nu 50,000 fine for the rest

Around July 2020, Thimphu Thromde issued a notification signed by the Executive Secretary stating that Building owners are to comply with permissible color code of Green, Brown and Red only. Roofs that are left unpainted or not painted with permissible color code needs immediate action by respective building owners.

However, Thimphu Thromde issued another notification on 8 October 2021, stating that institutional and Government buildings are to have Red Roofs and Residential and Commercial buildings are to have Green Roofs only.

On friday, the Thromde issued a notification saying due to subsequent lockdowns following the notification, inspection was delayed. As per the notification, coloring of roof must be completed before 31 December 2022. Those failing to adhere will be levied a penalty of Nu 50,000 after that.

Social media was immediately swamped with criticism of Thromde’s policies once the notification was put up.

Thinley Namgyel pointed out that as per the July 2020 notification of Thromde, he already installed PPGI roof on his residential building in brown. “Who will pay for the cost of conversion to green ? ,” he asked.

K. B Wakhley  said, “I wonder what the Thimphu Thromde wants to achieve. The capital city has become the city of fines. COVID-19 is still around. Common people have difficulties meeting their daily needs. Had it not been for His Majesty’s gracious Kidu, many would have left for the heavenly abode. Proper reasoning by Thromde officials and the elected members is needed.”

Passang Tshering the founder of Bhutan Toilet Organisation said that this is so unnecessary in the grand scheme of development and transformation. “How does it benefit anyone? If we focus on what’s important, the chances of getting it done is high,” he said.

Jigme Norbu Tshering asked if anyone benefits from the roof color coding. He said one has to hover in a chopper to notice it or fly a drone. “Even if one notices it. So what? Everyone is going through some sort of economic recession because of COVID be it tenants or house owners.”

Sangpa Tamang explained that normally such directives or announcements can be made only after incorporating such changes in National Building Standards and Specifications by the appropriate authority, and not out of whims and wishes of individuals.

“ The implementation then has to be nation-wide. Why Thimphu has to have different roof specifications from the rest of the country? What happens if another individual is elected and says change all roof colors to silver? Do Thrompons have authority to set building standards and specifications?,” he asked.

Doctor Chencho Dorji commented, “Should we impose fine on Thromde for not supplying enough water and not collecting garbage in time although they collect fees from us for doing so? Who is responsible to go after the Thromde?”

Gem Lham claimed that Prior to roofing they asked city, and they said its okay to paint red. “Its just two years and now you want us to paint again. What a waste of money when we all are going through an economic crisis,” she said.

Madan Chhetri said that all affected building owners must take the Thromde to the court.

“How can they dictate such rules. Thromde should penalize those owners who did not abide after the rules were put in place and not those who built before such rules came into force,” he said.

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