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After pay hike qualitative selection system for B.Ed graduates from this academic year

In order to attract quality candidates in the teaching field, the Paro College of Education (PCE) will be implementing a new system for selecting class 12 graduates for Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) program offered by the college for commencement in July 2021.

Dean of PCE, Dr Kezang Sherab, said the college used to get students who took teaching as the last resort, after failing to find admission to other colleges.

The new qualitative selection system is aimed to attract high performing class 12 graduates to consider teaching as a career, and encourages candidates with consistently high academic performance, passion for teaching, and strength of character to opt for teaching as their first choice.

To focus on quality, based on teacher requirement projections provided by MoE, the college will be admitting just 100 candidates into the B.Ed Primary program, and 70 into the B.Ed Dzongkha program on competitive basis for the 2021 cohorts, unlike in the past when the intake of candidates were slightly more.

From this year, the plan is to attract quality candidates, both in terms of academics and other fields. Therefore, admission for the B.Ed Primary and B.Ed Primary (Dzongkha) programs for July 2021 intake is being carried out before the other Royal University of Bhutan (RUB) colleges.

However, due to COVID-19 pandemic, the college could not reach out to many relevant stakeholders. The Dean of PCE said students have already registered online and have been shortlisted. Shortlisted candidates are to be interviewed in person so as to gauge their passion for teaching.

Education is being accorded a high priority by the Royal Government and will continue to receive the highest attention. Service conditions of teachers will be made more attractive and conducive. Teachers will be supported through continuous professional development programs.  Facilities in PCE will be improved for better learning and training.

Discussions are already underway to further enhance the stipend for the students. Since the candidates are going to receive high standard of training, it is foreseen that employment upon graduation will not be a problem.

Currently, a rigorous face-to-face panel interview of the shortlisted candidates is being carried out at the Office of the Vice Chancellor, RUB, in Thimphu to access the candidates’ communication skills, creativity and critical thinking, personality traits, social/interpersonal skills, professional strengths, and Bhutanese values.

The 2019 pay revision made teachers the highest paid civil servants overnight. The main aim was to attract good candidates and not have teaching as a last option job in the government.

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  1. Dear Bhutanese

    Please check the enrollment of the college from the DPD, ( Definitive Programme Document) the enrollment number is same. It is not increasing. The statement: ” intake of candidates were slightly more” is not correct. It is just eyewash to tell the public that the intake is of different fold.

    We need to be mindful of the statement: “Discussions are already underway to further enhance the stipend for the students.” This could be misleading when the students in realities and in the field do not receive. Some of the faculty even clamored that the students will be considered merited and will not sit for RCSC examination. Bhutanese need to validate this.

    The Prime Minister on 5th March, 2021 reiterated on such recruitment in which he was not very keen on such recruitment. A proposal was submitted to the cabinet which was not considered however, the college pushed as a vested agenda.

    I believe once the students are recruited and enrolled to be a teacher, they cannot switch on other areas of discipline.

    Just think if you would like your child to be teacher if she has other choices of careers.

    Please validate:

    If the PCE graduates need to sit for RCSC.
    Are they receiving the increase stipend?
    Can we switch to other areas of studies after confirmed to PCE?
    Will PCE consider if we want to exit during the training time?

  2. Jigme Chophel

    Despite the interest, my academic marks did not colify for even the first stage which was shortlisting la… Those who scored marks high during their tenth and present twelfth result were being shortlisted for Bed program la… I think some interested candidate like me are being left behind due to eligibility criteria made by the institution la. If those shortlisted candidates fails in viva, will the institution able provide opportunity to those interested candidate with moderate marks. As the marks scored will not determine the interest upon what you are going to proceed la. I would be glad to know la if the college provide me a information la

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