Agriculture text book launched for classes IX and X

weavStarting this academic year, a new text book on Agriculture will be introduced for class IX and X students which will be an optional subject for the students. The book has been developed by the Ministry of Agricultural and Forests (MoAF).

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the Ministry of Education (MoE) and Ministry of Agricultural and Forest (MoAF) at the MoAF conference hall on 30 January.

The Royal government of Bhutan, University of South Korea (Gentech) Food and Agriculture organization (FAO) and World Food Program (WFP) are the sponsors who have funded the book.

Farming Systems Specialist, Council of RNR Research of Bhutan (CoRRB), MoAF Dr. Tayan Raj Gurung said that the main objective of introducing the book as an optional subject for the students is to open a window to the new vocation of modern farming in Bhutan.

The books will be distributed in all the 20 Dzongkhag and for each school, 45 books will be given. The book has 248 pages which comprises 13 chapters. The program is a pilot project and it will be piloted for the term of four years.

Talking to some of the class IX and X students in the capital, many welcomed the news while some were not so happy.

A class X student, Sonam Choden with one of the schools in Thimphu said, “I am really looking forward to take it as an optional subject but worried at the same time whether I will be able to understand it or not since my knowledge on agriculture is not so good”.

While another student, Sonam Wangchuk said that he is excited and if he has a choice to take it as an optional subject then he will opt for it.

A Class IX student, 17-year old Nima said this new subject will benefit them in the long run, as any new knowledge is complementary to one’s intellectual growth.

Nima also added that many might not be interested to take it as an optional subject when they already have a number of optional subjects on the list.

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