All 39 now test negative for COVID-19

Even the second batch have all tested negative for the COVID-19. This is after the first batch of 18 all tested negative.

However, as per medical protocol though the tests are all negative for all 39, the tests will be repeated a few more times to completely rule out any errors. The first repeat test will be done after seven to eight days and then once again if any of the people show symptoms.

The above 39 were all the first contact people who came in touch with the 76-year-old American tourist who was diagnosed with COVID-19.

Earlier, Prime Minister Dr Lotay Tshering announced that the first 18 tests of those who had first contact with the 76-year-old COVID-19 afflicted American Tourist were all negative, according to the results of the Royal Centre for Disease Control (RCDC), released on Friday evening.

The negative tests included the 59-year-old partner of the patient including the travel guide and the driver.

The Health Minister said the negative tests tallied with the record of the patient who did not move around much as he was not well and so had unknowingly quarantined himself to his room.

Clarification:  The 39 excludes the original patient who was tested again but his result came positive again.

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