All prepped up for the Preliminary Exam

A total of 3647 graduates have registered with the Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) to appear for the Preliminary Examination (PE) tomorrow of which 1962 are males and 1647 are females. It will be the sixth PE conducted since 2010. More than 60 percent of the candidates are appearing for the general category and rest for technical and post graduate diploma in education.

In the general category that includes post graduate diploma in public administration and post graduate in finance management, there are 66 vacant slots available this year. 148 vacancies are available for candidates appearing for post graduate diploma in education and 310 vacancies available for technical including 10 for post graduate diploma in national law. In total, there will be 434 candidates that will be absorbed by RCSC. The vacancies were announced on July 29.

Sonam, a recent graduate from India said, “I registered for PE because to me a government job is a better option as it is more secure and beneficial compared to private sector. My family also wants me to go for a government job.”

PE tests the candidates on objective type of questions, Dzongkha and English communication skills, problem solving and data interpretation abilities which include logic and reasoning abilities of the candidates. The paper will be common in all aspects for the PE.

“I do think Preliminary Exams prior to the main exam is necessary, but it is unfair when fifty percent of the question will be data interpretation and problem solving, as some of us might not have studied Mathematics or other relevant subjects during our course or during high school. I don’t think that would justify our abilities,” Sonam Yangdon added.

Although more than 3000 graduates will be appearing for PE tomorrow, however, there are other graduates who have not registered. “I did not sit for the Bhutan Civil Service Exams as there are more eclectic opportunities outside the government jobs,” said a private employee who graduated in 2013 and has no plans to sit for the exams in the coming years.

Promela Acharya, who graduated in 2014, expressed “Not having CID card obstructed me from applying for the Bhutan Civil Service Examinations. These days getting employed in corporate companies are also tough because they also highlight CID on as one of the criterion.”

For most graduates, landing a government job offers greater opportunities, such as educational upgradation and better career prospects. The objective of PE is to mainly to shortlist candidates for the main examinations. A candidate is permitted to appear for PE for a maximum of three attempts. Marks obtained in PE, are valid only for that particular year, are not carried forward to the main RCSC examination.

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