American tourists to participate in Thimphu cleanup program

A round 15 tourists from the United States of America will be participating in a one-day cleanup program organized by the Rotary Club of Thimphu (RCT) on March 15.

The visitors are Rotarians or members of Rotary Club, a club that is devoted to serving the community and promoting world peace with the primary motto, ‘to serve above self’.

The one-day cleanup program will commence from the Bhutan Oil Distributor (BOD) fuel station on the Norzin Lam till the Royal Textile

Academy building.

Tshering Yonten, the RCT Director for Community Service said, “We thought of the one-day cleanup program because it addresses one of major emerging problems of urban Thimphu. Since our visitors are fellow Rotarians, they wanted to interact with us and also do some voluntary work.”

The RCT Director said such an initiative comes from participants from the abroad in collaboration with their travel agent.

He added, “The main motive of such an activity is to tell the people that your backyard is your own responsibility,

and for a place to look beautiful, you don’t need high-rise skyscraper and glittery shopping malls, and all it need is be clean as it reflects so much on the behavior and character of the local people.”

“I am glad today apart from initiating this event on a personal level, as Rotarian, I am able to approach the whole issue of this garbage more professionally because we can rely on fellow Rotarians worldwide.”

The area, Norzin Lam, was chosen as it is a central location to sensitize the people on cleanliness and hygienic standards.

Tshering said it is not good enough to keep your own house clean, but also to take care of environment around us. “By doing this we are trying drive across a message to people, when people overseas are coming here to do this, it is for people to get a message and our community is small and everything is doable,” he added.

“The local people are most welcome to join us, and it is only appropriate that locals recognize this and lend us a helping hand.”

The Rotary Club was started over 100 years ago since 1903. The club has many outlets worldwide.

Tashi Deki / Thimphu


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