An address from the heart

After His Majesty’s address was over on Friday evening, there were not many dry eyes left as Bhutanese across the country were deeply touched by not only His Majesty’s message, but also with the sincerity and emotion with which it was delivered.

His Majesty’s address felt much more like a near and dear family member talking, deeply concerned for one’s welfare and carrying real pain in his heart.

The heart to heart talk that His Majesty had with the people hit home as Bhutanese also came out inspired and energized.

The last 40 days or so has been an incredibly tough time for Bhutan in one of the biggest challenges the country has ever faced. The moral of the country was sagging in many ways as one bad news followed another with a worsening international condition.

One of the few major bright lights in this dark time was His Majesty touring across the country to strengthen our defenses.

On Friday night, His Majesty addressed a nation that was in fear, a nation that was low in spirit, a nation starting to suffer from the economic impact of the crisis and a nation that was uncertain of the future.

However, by the end of the address the nation was confident again, it was energized, it was no longer fearful, it brought a lot of relief, both economical and psychological, and there was much more hope.

His Majesty in his address appreciated how Bhutanese came together from all walks of life.

His Majesty stressed how we cannot let our guard down and what is at stake.

His Majesty also provided a lot of economic relief with the Nu 30 bn National Relief Fund, deferment of EMIs by three months and waiver of the interest for this period as Kidu and using the Royal prerogative of Kidu to help all affected segments of society and the economy.

His Majesty proved once again that while Bhutan may be a small country, it certainly is a great one, with an enlightened leadership at its head.

A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

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