An incumbent, former member and three other candidates from Lhuentse contest the NC race

Rinzin Rinzin

Rinzin Rinzin, former NC member (2008-13) holds a PhD in Literature from India, Masters in Business Administration from Australia (2015), Masters in Business Management with Public Administration (2016), Australia and Masters of Science in Agriculture (2002), Australia, BSc Agriculture  and Animal Science (1997) from the Philippines.

He worked as a consultant to MoE, RSPN, Bhutan Transparency Initiative, BOiC and the Parliament of Bhutan (2013-2017), Chief Country Coordinator for the Foundation of SAARC Writers and Literature (2015-2018), Technical Advisor to Bhutan Transparency Initiative (2014-18), NC member (2008-13), Program Director and Research Program Officer, Ministry of Agriculture, Focal Point Scientist to SAARC Agriculture Centre, Dhaka, Bangladesh (2006-08), Lecturer at CNR, and he is also a writer, poet, scholar and an educationist.

Rinzin feels that NC, as the highest institution of review, needs knowledgeable, experienced and matured members to enable it to perform its legislative, oversight and representative functions efficiently and effectively.

“My priorities on addressing the national issues on poverty, income disparity, youth unemployment, land use and agriculture production, corruption, poor public service delivery, social problems, national economy, and so on, will definitely contribute to the enhancement of our people’s harmony and wellbeing and our country’s security and sovereignty,” said Rinzin.

Tempa Dorji

The incumbent NC member, Tempa Dorji, holds a MSc. in Electrical Power Engineering and he worked as a divisional manager at Bhutan Power Corporation before joining the National Council.

Tempa Dorji said that serving as a NC member in the last five years has brought him closer to his people, allowed him to understand their concerns and issues, and significantly made him more confident to resolve and address through various means.

“Therefore, it is time to elect the one who is selfless in his thoughts and acts, and wanting to serve the people. I have decided to re-contest to serve my country and fellow citizens with a rekindled honesty and humility.”

His priority lies in addressing the growing social inequalities, youth related issues with holistic perspective and advocate realistic solutions and redress constituency concerns and aspirations of the people through review of 12th FYP.

Kinga Penjor

Kinga Penjor holds a B.A. (Hons.) in Philosophy & Literature (Dzongkha) from Sherubtse College, Kanglung (2002).  He worked as a radio producer and reporter with Bhutan Broadcasting Service (2002-2003), and then was promoted to TV producer/ anchor (2004- 2017).

“Lhuentse is one of the least developed dzongkhags, and we have many issues that need to be looked into by reviewing policies and plans to suit the situation of my dzongkhag, like shortening road connectivity to the capital through Shingkhar-Gorgan, addressing issue of rural-urban migration and gungtongs, lack of proper commercial farming, human-wildlife conflict, promotion and preservation of culture for tourism,” said Kinga.

Kinga claims that his experience as a journalist for 15 years in the state broadcaster, and having interacted with both the common people and policy makers, has given him the confidence that he can make a difference by serving as a NC member to fine tune the policies and planning. “With better understanding of the people, my conscience tells me that I can contribute better by joining as a NC member.”

Jurmey Tenzin

Jurmey Tenzin holds a BA (Hons) Economics from Sherubtse College. He completed his Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management from Royal Institute of Management and worked as an investigation officer in Anti Corruption Commission, and later ventured into tour operation.

The aspirant said that he mainly decided to contest in the NC election to fulfill his fundamental duty as a Bhutanese citizen. “If elected, I will cater to the needs of the people of Lhuntse, I will protect and uphold the Constitution.  I will support reformative laws, I will ensure the fundamental rights of the people, and I will always serve them with integrity, sincerity, humility and distinction,” said Jurmey Tenzin.

Tenzin Jurmey

Tenzin Jurmey graduated from Gaeddu College of Business Studies with Bachelors in Business Administration (2013). He worked as an educated farmer thereafter.

He said that his main intention for contesting in the NC election is to serve the country with the utmost dedication and to bring positive changes in his dzongkhag. “If elected, my priority is to review plans and policies pertaining to advancement of the agriculture sector and to tackle youth related issues.”

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