Animal journalism

There are many reporters, who on bended knees and with unyielding spirit want to flag information from the roof tops but the impression that most people have of reporters is that they are more akin to animals than the homo-sapiens. Hello! Let’s talk off the record; we have hides of a rhino, we are immune to your harsh words We are vultures that feed on your flesh We are parrots; we put words in your mouth We are akin to slithering snakes, be cautious we may sting when you are not aware Hit us, we are pariah dogs always coming back for scraps Slam, dunk us, we are tired old asses Laugh off us; we are ugly domestic turkeys moving all over the place like jellyfishes on dry soil You may grow and rise but for you we will always stand like dodos Our thoughts are so panda like that we hunt for insects at a snail’s pace Talk about multi-tasking, we navigate through mazes like
an octopus But we are sheep always on the look out for a good Shepherd with good navigational skills Love us or hate us but you can never kill us Push us or hit us but you can never ignore us Go on kick us under the table, we won’t kick you back, we are homely kittens Slap us on our right cheek, we will offer you our left We may not be the pet material type but you are no vet specialist either Like an ox, we have toiled long and hard, but, the farm that we are in is either a haven or a hell depending on the day. Call it a small societal jungle but we are surprisingly human and if you disagree then you ought to be in a zoo.

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