Annual mega trade fair with thematic exhibition on ‘Made in Bhutan’ from 14th to 18th September

The Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry will host its seventh annual international trade fair at the Changlingmithang stadium parking in the capital from 14th till 18th of September.

The annual fair will entertain exhibitors from Bhutan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Thailand. As of date there are around 96 exhibitors from India, 120 from Nepal, 17 from Bangladesh, and 18 from Bhutan who will be exhibiting on local textiles, art, handicraft products, agriculture related tools, cuisines, and will also provide health related services.

The Secretary General of BCCI, Phub Tshering said that the thematic exhibition on ‘Made in Bhutan’ is being organized for the first time by the BCCI with a vision to promote the locally produced Bhutanese Goods and services to the local market and international visitors. “The exhibition shall showcase various products and services provided by the local entrepreneurs as well as international participants which will boost and encourage the production capabilities of our local businessmen.”  The mega trade fair is aimed at promoting trade and investments in the country through personal interactions among the likeminded businessmen from the different countries.

The Secretary General said that people often complain about such trade fair leading to huge drains on the reserve of the organization, but he said that people also ought to look at the brighter side on the issue. “When we say trade fair, people only think it is buying and selling that takes place but there a lot of other opportunities that we are trying to provide to our businessmen. During the trade fair, when other country showcases there is an interpersonal matchmaking process happening, so Joint Ventures can come in and principle companies can be sourced which will hugely benefit our local businesses.”

Phub Tshering said that apart from all the benefits to the local entrepreneurs, during such fairs when international businessmen come in the country, they also contribute to the revenue generation of the country. “There is a tangible benefit to numerous operators like the Hospitality industry, Airlines Company, transportation sectors, and including the government in the form of taxation when such an event is being hoisted in the country. So people should look from the brighter side too.”

The BCCI pointed out that such trade fairs are being organized after being encouraged by the huge success of the past events.

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