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Anticipation among Tendruk business owners for the upcoming hydro project

In the small town of Tendruk, Samtse, a sense of optimism pervades the local business community with the impending construction of the 26 MW Druk Bindu Hydro Power Project. With a population of approximately 5,000 residents, the community is eagerly awaiting the potential economic boost promised by the hydro project.

Owners of various establishments in Tendruk expressed their hopeful outlook for the future.

The proprietor of Prasand Haircut Salon shared, “Our community has the place for the business, however, there is very limited population which hampers our business. I hardly get customers these days. However, the forthcoming hydro project is seen as a hope, with expectations that it will boost our businesses.”

Tirtha Kumari who runs a restaurant, said, “It hasn’t been long since I started this restaurant business, and for now, it is going well. I don’t earn a lot, but it is sufficient. As for the upcoming project, I’m not every sure how much difference it’ll make, but then I’m hopeful it’ll be better than this.”

Similarly, the owner of Kelden Retail Shop, specializing in the sale of vegetables, shared, “I’ve been running this business for a year, and it is like a seasonal thing for us too. During the summer, it runs pretty well compared to the winter season. I probably make around Nu 20,000 a day which is sufficient for us.”

“The project didn’t start as of now, however, once it does, I’m very hopeful. Most of the people shop around this area so I personally feel like it’ll do well,” she added.

Muna who runs a small shop, shared, “I hardly make Nu 150 in a day now. It’s been 6 years since I’ve been running this shop. Pre-Covid the business was good, but now it is hard to get customers. It’s hard to earn the monthly rent for me. There are more businesses than the buyers in Tendruk. It may be hopeful for maybe big business and the upper part of the community, however, I’m not sure about small shops like mine but let’s hope for the best.”

Ramesh Rai who runs a utensils store, Rai Tshongkhang, shared, “Per day, I make around Nu 6,000 which is sufficient for us to pay our monthly rent, but I won’t say it is a lot. With the upcoming project, I’m having high expectation since hydro project attracts lot of people for the business.”

The Druk Bindu Hydro Power Project is expected to be completed in three and half years with Druk Green Power Corporation (DGPC) financing Nu 3.7 billion for the project.

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