Art exhibition in Thimphu

A nine day art exhibition themed “There is nothing more important than small silly things” was organized in the Voluntary Artist’s Studio (VAST), Thimphu by Atsuko Takai to promote contemporary art.

Atsuko Takai has worked in Bhutan for the last one year as an art teacher in Gaselo lower secondary school under Wangduephodrang Dzongkhag.

Her artworks offer a fresh perspective on routine events and daily life people generally take for granted which only a real artist can take in a different hue and meaning.

The exhibition comprised a 40 minute documentary video, mixed media (Gold from my house) and photos for sale. The materials used are stones, newspapers, table ware which are transformed into art.

The exhibition was displayed free for everyone and especially for all the generations of today. The works in the exhibition are all done by Atsuko Takai herself as it is a solo performance.

“I think it is the first contemporary arts being held in Bhutan because our country has never experienced this kind of art so far and new arts are being used which includes sculptures and simple photographs,” Atsuko Takai said when asked why she decided to hold an exhibition in Bhutan.

She said through exhibitions in the VAST it will help to inspire and promote creative thinking and a larger understanding of art.

Her collections are manufactured out of daily materials and are inclusive of pictures of daily simple lives of the people because she wants to show an ordinary view compared to any others.

VAST was set up in 1998 by a group of professional artists as a non- profitable and non government organization (NGO).

This informal organization was set up with the sole aim to provide an opportunity for the Bhutanese youth to participate and develop their potential talents as well as share social responsibilities through artistic explorations and other productive works.


The exhibition opened on 1 December and ended on the 9th showcasing artworks from 10 am till 5pm in the evening every day.


Sonam Wangmo / Thimphu

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