Art in Bhutan

A rendezvous plus exhibition

With the objective to promote the Indian culture, strengthen Indo-Bhutan relationship, and for Indian artists to meet with Bhutanese artists, the colorful art fair called “Art in Bhutan” is being held for 10 days which started from July 28 at the Nehru Wangchuck Cultural Centre (NWCC) in Thimphu.

The exhibition includes the contemporary modern art work are done by 30 famous painters, 29 Indians and Japanese artists.

Director of NWCC, Padam Talwar said the sole purpose of establishment of the centre was to promote arts without boundaries, and hence, the centre holds such exhibitions on a quarterly basis.

The curator, also an artist herself, Kiran Pundir said, “The exhibition is conducted in Bhutan because it has come in the heart so well and it is a beautiful place. Art should come from one’s inner self.”  She said Bhutanese artists are good and they could become renowned if there is a platform for them to hold international exhibitions.

An artist from Mumbia, Prakash Bal Joshi said the contemporary arts are the “pulse of the society” and depicts the transformation and activities into people’s day to day life. He said most of the Bhutanese artists aren’t exploring the different types of arts and prefers traditional arts. “But they are growing well in their own field,” he added.

“For me painting is a spontaneous process. I let my inner turmoil and the creative response trigger my expressions on canvas. At the root of all this is my spiritual quest-who I am? Why I am? Why I am here and where I am going?” Prakash Bal Joshi said.

An artist from Kolkata, Raj Rishi Mukherjee said he loved art since he was a child. His art depicts realism mixed with abstraction or ‘Sudo-Motto’ art.

” Thoughts are thoughts, but at times, your mind has multiple thoughts that have no link to reality. But you are so engrossed in thinking about it that it becomes a reality and you start believing in it. If the thoughts are pleasant then it can make you happy, but unpleasant thoughts could create an illusion and you stand to be confused,” Mukherjee said.

The famous paintings of the artists will be displayed on August 5 at NWCC.

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