Dhan Maya and her husband

As Dhan Maya undergoes surgery in Bhutan doctors in Japan to check Sonam’s brain for a definitive assessment

Dhan Maya is back from Japan but she has left her daughter behind, who is in a state of coma in the hospital. She said, “I think about my daughter thousands of times in a day. If she is not recovering, and if there is no hope or any solution to save her then, what should I do?” Such a decision is the hardest thing a mother can ever think of making.

Dhan Maya has been asked to return to Japan with a companion by the Japanese doctor looking after Sonam Tamang. She and her companion need to be present while the doctors conduct a brain scan on Sonam, requiring at least two weeks to finish, after which a definitive assessment can be made on her condition.

However, Prime Minister (Dr) Lotay Tshering met with Sonam Tamang’s parents last week, and asked if Dhan Maya is willing to let the Japanese doctors check Sonam’s brain while she is in Bhutan. PM also suggested her that if not, she can go back to Japan with a lady doctor from Bhutan to explain about Sonam’s condition.

Both Sonam’s parents have agreed to let the doctors in Japan to go ahead with the checkup scan of Sonam’s brain in their absence.

Dhan Maya also expressed to the Prime Minister (PM) that she wants to stay for another six months in Japan and observe her daughter. The PM suggested to her that if Sonam is getting better then Dhan Maya can stay not just for six months but the government will support Sonam and Dhan Maya’s stay for six years.

Dhan Maya said the PM also asked her what happens if Sonam is not getting better.

“If there is no hope of Sonam’s recovery, at one time, I thought I will bring her back. It is very difficult for me to stay alone in Japan, without understanding a single word of the Japanese people. I feel so lonely and being with my daughter who is in coma for more than a year, it breaks my heart every day,” said Dhan Maya.

However, Dhan Maya said there is still a hope for Sonam to recover. She said if a doctor from Bhutan comes along with her and then explains what Sonam’s doctor has to say about her condition, this would help in clarifying things for her.

During the meeting with the PM, Dhan Maya was told to do an operation of her goiter and then after recovery, she can go to Japan. The PM gave her an assurance that her documents will be ready.

Dhan Maya said she had been meaning to share with the PM about the immense help and support rendered to her by Ms Yumiko Kan throughout her stay in Japan. “Although we don’t understand each other’s language, but she has been there whenever I needed. I misunderstood her in some ways because I was told not to get help from others in Japan,” said Dhan Maya.

Man Bdr Tamang, 62, who is Sonam’s father said, “I remember Sonam’s favorite person is her mother and was very close to her. About my daughter’s sickness, I don’t want to blame anyone, as I don’t have much idea about the things going around. I feel she was destined to be in such a situation.”

He said he will agree with Dhan Maya’s decision on what next to do with their daughter. He said he is willing to go to Japan with Dhan Maya so he can look after her and stay by her side during the hospital visits.

They are now waiting for Sonam’s brain checkup result, after which they will come to a decision, and also follow the PM’s advise. Meanwhile, Dhan Maya is schedule for a goiter operation on 7th December in the Jigme Dorji Wangchuck National Referral Hospital.

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